Dry output recording

Just wondering if it would be possible in a future update to add an additional output to Audiobus for dry recording unprocessed signals. This would be extremely useful for re amping guitars or processing recordings on a desktop DAW. Perhaps there could be an option to split the input signal and pass one part straight to an output and the other part through the normal processing functions.


  • That's a very good idea!! Very useful for recording real instruments/vocals.

  • @AH_MediaDesigns I don't understand how you think this would work. Can you explain a little? I'm thinking having two would be pointless as there is only one audio out. The wet and dry mix would just come out all mixed together wouldn't they?

  • Just imagine having two outputs in Audiobus, one with effects and one dry. Of course you'd only hear the processed signal, that's the whole point, but you'd actually be recording the dry signal in your recording app, which you can then process later on.

    Technically you're just splitting the signal, for example the processed one goes to the speakers (what you hear) while the unprocessed signal uses the output slot with whatever app you assign to it. Of course, you should also be able to do it the other way round, but that doesn't really make much sense.

  • Oh!! I gotcha. That's how Ampkit does recording and it is very helpful, so you can do it with that when the AB update comes. My bad, the way I read it I thought you meant you wanted to stream it to your computer or amp for live performances.

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