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My new rocky guitar song with Bias

edited November 2013 in Creations

Hi all,

Haven't touched a guitar for 35 years, and wasn't very good at it before that. :) Bought a guitar 2 months ago and like it a lot. A few days ago I placed 2 guitar instrumentals on SoundCloud: 'Wake Up Call' and 'Here and Now'.

Here is Wake Up Call, hope you like it!

Made with Bias, JamUp Pro XT, GarageBand, DrumLoops HD, Audio Mastering, Audiobus, on iPad 3 with Sonic Port from Line 6.


  • I had a listen to all the tracks on your soundcloud page. How did you record the tracks that you uploaded 4 and more months ago? I quite liked them. The two most recent ones you mention here show a nice sense of progression and melody with proficient playing, but are let down solely by tuning issues, which is a shame, as tuning the guitar properly before you start recording should be the easiest thing a musician can do towards producing a good performance.

  • Hmm..., a pity that you feel its a bit out of tune. I must admit that my guitar is a bit hard to get into tune (its a Squier Affinity Strat HSS) but I think the tuning is acceptable on these tracks.

    But nice you listened to the tracks and you overall liked them. :)

    If you have more interest, you can find more tracks on my YouTube and my MySpace page - the links are on my SoundCloud page.

    How I did the other tracks on SoundCloud:

    Want and I saw you, I both played on my Korg M3 (no iPad involved). Want is played with a tweaked key sound, and I saw you is practicly completely a fabric preset in the M3, I perhaps tweaked it a little, but can't really remember.

    Hidden Landscape : I made on iPad with SessionBand Acoustic, and GarageBand instruments : strings and keys, and the guitar solo at the end is a guitar sound from SampleTank. I used iRig Keys.

    Green : made on iPad with iRig keys, guitarsounds from SampleTank, DrumLoops HD, recorded in Multitrack Daw. I recorded it with a drumloop all the way and after recording cut drums out.

    And I of course used Audiobus.

  • Nice. Fairly convincing guitar simulation on those earlier tracks.

  • there is something robert smith esq about this

  • That explains why I like the tune so much as I have always been a huge fan of The Cure ;-)
    Thanks Marcel for sharing!

  • Nice production quality! I noticed sometimes things get recorded a bit out tune if one squeezes or bends the neck while playing, even if you have tuned the guitar perfectly.

  • Strats are very sensitive to string/neck tension.

  • Thanks a lot guys, for the positive reactions! :-)
    I love The Cure too.

  • For what it's worth, I like the slightly out of tune guitars. Nice song.

  • Nice guitar improv, not bad at all for how long you've been playing! If this had been a band demo I think the lead guitar could be a bit quieter to blend in with the rest of the mix more, but for a guitar focus piece, works fine.

  • Not sure if your still around here but @Marcel , nice work. There is an electric storm tonight here, this made a great soundtrack to it. Nice melody, Left me wanting more. Great tone, great work.

  • Great song! I love it, though I was expecting Eye of the Tiger from the title

  • Sounds like only the G, B, E strings are slightly flat. Other than that, it's one of the more musical things I've listened to on here (which, granted, isn't a whole lot)... good proficiency and direction. Keep it up!

  • edited April 2014

    Thanks a lot guys for these positive words!:)

    As for the tuning issues: I bought a much better guitar: a PRS Mira. So my work in the future should be better tuned.

  • It's awesome!! I like the song and the emotion of it.

  • What preset you use in JamUp?

  • @SleepGodWen: great you like it so much! I don't remember which preset I used.

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