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Macbook Pro Mainstage and iPad Air 2 as an audio instrument

I play in an improvising collective with a guitarist, I have iPad/iPhone setup w/ iTrackDock.

We are hoping to create a looping environment where we could use common click track and create loops.
Guitarist has Macbook Pro and Logic, which has Mainstage.

Is it possible with this combo to create a looping setup for us both to control - or what would be alternatives is this isnt possible?

Sorry if my post is under wrong category - a newbie here.



  • ps. Guitarist doesnt use Logic for guitar sound, it comes as audio from his pedalboard.

  • Hardware-wise, this sounds possible. I think trying to loop live with Logic would be a headache, if not just impossible. You would be better off with Ableton if you have the funds.

  • I would first try to use e.g. Loopy HD as a looper and sync this to LPX over MIDI clock (requires a MIDI connection between iTrack Dock and the Mac).
    for an example of Loopy external control, so you can have your hands free to play something else.
    Ableton is great for that, but when using many tracks in LPX you can still do a lot by muting/un-muting tracks for example.

  • We were thinking of using the Loopback plugins in Mainstage - but I see too it can be impossible to control them from the ipad

  • Have to delve deeper into the Loopy midi syncing - actually I use that for looping on my iPad

  • Maybe this can help you:

    The Logic Remot app does also work for your OSX MainStage.

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