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iDensity, play/stop via MIDI, problem

edited April 2018 in App Tips and Tricks

Hi there,
I'm new to the forum, glad to have found this place.

I'm trying to MIDI map iDensity so I can trigger samples from my iRig Keys.
With Midiflow, I'm transforming the note value input from iRig to CC values for iDensity.
For example, when I press C3, it goes out from Midiflow as CC60. I attached three images so you can see for yourself.

Problem is, it doesn't work. I've read the iDensity instructions, but couldn't figure out where the problem lies. Any leads on this? Much appreciated!



  • Maybe it's good to add that I tried this with other apps and it worked fine.

  • edited April 2018

    Hi and welcome :),

    First check on iDensity the midi configuration ( if iDensity midi port is selected and the correct midi channel)
    If it doesn’t work then create in Midiflow a virtual midi out and on iDensity select that port as input instead.
    Edit : off topic , your attached pictures cannot be opened ....

  • Hi Korakios,

    Thank you! the virtual midi out port solved it, didn't realise it needs to have that instead of directly connecting it to iDensity in Midiflow.

    re, offtopic: Too bad that the pictures won't show, but good to know, thanks. I can see them myself, uploaded them to an image share site. But I'll try to direct upload next time then.

  • Next thing to figure out is how to get it sending both play AND stop commands :)

  • It’s a usual old midi problem and the main reason I bought Midiflow.

    As for start stop , you can assign on Midiflow a controller to midi clock and create a route , clock-> virtual out .
    (Haven’t tried it to be honest)

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