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iMPC Pro 2 help

hi, i’ve been trying to find user manuals for the app but can’t seem to find anything. if i click the AUDIOTRACK Docs from within the APP it leads me to a blank 404 error page.

i’ve searched the Retronyms and Akai pages, can’t seem to find any document manuals there either.

I have a problem with recording audio from an external source, i’m sure there would be some useful information for me to read in the manuals, but can’t get to them.

do the user manuals actually exist, can someone share a link to the webpage for me?

thanks in advance



  • If you have an audio interface with more than two channels it's a mess at the moment as only channels 1 & 2 seem to work 'sometimes'(at least it doesn't crash now when selecting inputs 3 & 4) and for sampling there's no input or mono/stereo switch selector at all, meaning if your interface has two channels (say mic and guitar input) you can not select just one of them for sampling...

    Selecting the input for an AudioTrack in iMPC Pro 2 is done from the 'Program' menu and in the 'Tweak' tab you have meters and a monitor switch which also doesn't work all the time...

    Personally I'll wait until my two tickets are 'solved' and an update is out before I bother launching iMPC Pro 2 again...

  • thanks Samu, i'm only able to get sound from the left channel. also getting some very loud hiss.

    i've also decided to park iMPC Pro 2 in the 'another time folder'.

    thanks for the input.

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