Audio Hijack

This is probably not technically possible, but I would LOVE to see Audio Hijack Pro-type ability to hijack app audio and shlorp it into Audiobus. Even hijacking the main out and muting Audiobus output would do. This would allow one to integrate awesome apps like Ricepad, which have ceased development.

Probably pie-in-the-sky, but hey-- I can dream! ;)


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    I guess completely muting Audiobus output whilst hijacking the main out wouldn't work-- duh (except to record things that need zero live manipulation). Maybe with a multi-out audio interface?

  • You are correct, it isn't possible in only software. Apple doesn't let any app have access to the final output stream.

    But your idea to use a multi out audio interface is interesting, where you plug the first two channels back into the inputs, then use the output Audiobus app to send to a separate output pair which you use as the actual "mains". Requires either AB or the final app to support multi-out selection.

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