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LayR - Synth Presets and Sharing

edited April 2018 in App Tips and Tricks

Greetings Everyone! - Regarding LayR on iOS - iPad

Is there a single location where people are sharing user patches/presets that others might like to tinker with or use?

I can't find one if so, therefore I thought I would inquire. If there is one and I am missing it, my apologies.

I am specifically looking for funky arps


  • i’d be interested in this. we should just share them in this thread if any body has any

  • Where's @Fruitbat1919 when we need him?

  • I REALLY wish there were more presets available for LayR, even if purchase based. From a completely selfish standpoint, would absolutely love if the next round of AB Forum presets was for LayR.

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