[SOLVED]Korg Monologue, Audiobus and BeatStep Pro

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Hi there!
First off: thanks to everyone for tons of great advice! I mostly find most of my answers here!

Well now it’s time for me to ask one>

I’ve got a Korg Monologue, an iPad Pro 9.7” (iOS 11.3) running Audiobus 3 and a BeatStep Pro (Firmware v. 2.0). The Monologue is connected to a powered USB-hub together with the BSP. The hub is connected to the iPad with a camera connection kit that has a lightning in for power.

What I want to do is this:

1) Play the Monologue and record the notes on the BSP.
2) Play the recorded pattern from the BSP on the Monologue.

Seems easy but something goes wrong.

// Monologue settings //
The Monologue is set to send notes via USB&Midi on channel 12.

// Audiobus 3 settings //
AB3 is set to receive midi from BSP channel 12 and send it to Monologue channel 12. This works: when I press a note or run a pattern it is played on the Monologue.

AB3 is set to receive midi from Monologue on channel 12.
This is routed to the BSP on all channels. Nothing comes through.

I’ve used Midiflow to see the outputs and sure enough notes are flowing through channel 12.

So to debug I’ve done this:
Besides the BSP in the AB3 midi section I send my Monologue channel 12 to the Minimoog synth on the iPad and this works. But nothing gets through to BSP.

Besides the Monologue channel 12 midi input in AB3 I’ve added a Midiflow keyboard (software). This is then sent to both the Minimoog iPad-app and the BSP. And the notes are played on the Minimoog AND gets recorded on the BSP.

How come the notes from the Monologue gets played on the iPad but somehow doesn’t get forwarded to the BSP, when the Midiflow keyboard following the same route goes right through?

Thank you for your help!


  • Found a solution. Apparently BSP only wants to record the Monologue on channel 1 and 2.
    So setting the input and output in AB3 to Omni (not specifying a channel), and changing the channel on the Monologue makes is send and receive from the chosen channel.

  • Excellent! :)

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