DM1 / Audiobus and Cubasis..sync and record problems..

Hi, I'm getting slowly into IOS music making and bought be Audiobus 3, Cubasis and a bunch of great music making apps and one which I like is the drum machine, DM1..I have had not much luck getting this to record properly into Cubasis. This is what I have and doing: I'm opening us Audiobus 3 and choosing the DM1 and out with Cubasis. The play and sync work fine, but what I am trying to do is arm Cubasis so it records the DM1 audio. I can't find a way to get Cubasis to be master and sync Audiobus, because then I could record it from the first bar. If I start Audiobus play they all go, but how to arm record that into Cubasis> Any ideas? Or is it something very easy:) Cheers


  • It is easier to just load DM1 directly into Cubasis and let Cubasis control DM1 using IAA sync. Here is how:

    In Cubasis, select an IAA type for your Audio Track input.

    Select DM1 as the IAA instrument.

    In DM1, make sure it is setup to receive IAA control.
    1. Push Song.
    2. Push IAA
    3. Make sure both items are selected, Notes and Tempo. Especially Tempo in your case.

    In Cubasis, make sure your track is armed (red circle). When you hit record and the count in finishes, DM1 will play and get recorded on the AudioTrack.
    You will hear DM1 every time you hit play, as well as the new recording, which will cause a doubling effect. What I do is set up another AudioTrack right below the DM1 track, and after I record a new clip I drag it down to the second Audio Track to play it back. I use the Mute button to silence DM1 when I want to just hear the recorded track, then unmute to record again. When I am finished with DM 1, I will delete its track from Cubasis and work with the recorded audio track.

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    Hi Antos3345,

    Additionally, DM2 includes a simple export feature, allowing to transfer audio mixdowns of patterns and songs to Cubasis via a simple share button (might be the same for DM1).

    This option comes with many advantages in my view.
    It's quick and super simple, no need to sync apps, it helps saving CPU by shutting of DM1/2 once done...


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    Wow...Thanks so much foor your help and descriptive information!! I'll try all this..super excited!!
    Wprks like a charm!!

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