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Drum Sample Library suggestions?

Hey all, recently bought an Elektron Analog Rytm mkII, and I'd like to load it up with some new samples. However, I'm dead sick of the drum samples I've been using for the last few (cough many cough) years so I want to start a new collection from scratch. Looking for any suggestions people might have on their favorite drum libraries with the following caveats:

  • I REALLY don't need 5000 kicks, 4000 snares, etc to sort through, so I prefer a more currated approach of less is more. Quality over quantity if you will, I ultimately will only have 64MB to play with on the ARmkII.

  • Not after acoustic drums, pre-processed layered synthetic stuff is mainly what I'm after. The kind of stuff you can drop as is into a track and it sounds like it's done.

Thanks for any recommendations!


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    I’m really enjoying the Samples From Mars collection. It was a crazy $40 a while ago but still only $100.

    [Edit: it’s not only drums of course]

  • Thanks, I've heard a lot of good things about that. Might break my requirement to not have to spend 3 weeks picking samples though! That's a lot of samples!

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    It’s a glut for sure but when you only look at drums and ignore the Kontact and Reason packs you can drill down pretty quick. I backed up the downloads and then only put the drum WAVs on the iPad.

  • Ok, thanks!

  • The first impc pro ships with an excellent and varied drum/percussion library from Richard Devine.

    It's not exactly what you are asking for and I'm not sure if you can extract the original sounds with ifunbox or something similar?

  • Patterning? I know its not quite what your asking but the cloud kits are excellent

  • Yeah, really trying to avoid rendering out a bunch of drum sounds one at a time. Thanks though!

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