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Beatmaker 3 - merge audio tracks


Is there an option to merge two ore more audio tracks together into one?
I know there is an option for midi patterns, but I've yet to figure out how to do this with audio tracks (f.e. merging different tracks of vocals or guitars into one).

I would be very thankfull if anyone knew the answer to this problem :)

Cheers, david


  • Not directly as far as I know. You could solo the tracks you want to merge and export them.
    After the export is done create a new audio-track and import the exported file.

    So if you're looking for the GarageBand like 'merge' feature (Which I find awkward since it creates a new session when merging tracks) the answer is no.

  • Thank you for replying!

    Will have to do with this workaround. It would be nice to have that feature though.


  • You could eventually route the two audio out to one new audio track and real time bounce the mix

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