Tackling "Tap to Fix": Any sure-fire ways to reproduce?

Hey guys,

I'm in the process of dealing with the "Tap to Fix" nonsense which bugs in the underlying IAA system has led us to; I'm refining a system that Gabriel and Sebastian built back in the day but never released which will quit problematic apps automatically and relaunch them.

What I'd like to know from you guys is if there are any particular steps, or apps, that reproduce the issue reasonably reliably? It's very easy to reproduce when running apps straight from Xcode, the development environment (I guess something with the debugger system interferes with IAA), but I'd prefer to try it out on the more ordinary use cases to make sure it works with those too!

So: How do you get to "Tap to Fix"?


  • Hey @Michael. I can say that this always happens with isymphonic. I didn’t use it today but for whatever reason everything went off without a hitch for me today. Even my iodock fired up without an argument. Justed updated to latest last night.
    Wondering if anyone else noted a positive change with the update.

  • Well that's interesting!

  • I had this happening to ToneStack and Loopy on several occasions but not consistently enough to reproduce.

  • Yup... iSymphonic... regularly falls off the bus.

    But then it falls over all the time when instantiated as IAA or AU in Cubasis 2 as well.

    I find it’s most likely to do it after it’s been set up, when adding another intru,ent or Channel. It just goes away. Tap to fix/reloading usually seems to reload it, but audio doesn’t come back without quitting/reloading the host.

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