Fooling around with WI Orchestra

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No Audiobus involved, I'm afraid, but I'm impressed with the realism of some of the sounds.
Built up the tracks overdubbing in WI Orchestra's built in recorder using the on screen keyboard.


  • Paul, how did you export the file from Wi Orchestra? Thanks

  • @PaulB That is pretty cool man. Good job!

    @mgmg4871 He used two devices and an iRig I think.

  • That's right. Created on my iPad, then played back through my iRig and recorded in MT DAW on my iPod.

  • Just replaced the sound file with a hissless version.

    @mgmg4871 The best way to export the audio file from WI Orchestra is to copy it straight out of its file sharing area. You can then do what you like with it. This can be done with iTunes on your computer, but I hate iTunes with a passion, so I used iFunBox instead (free download) as it's less hassle. I then dumped the file in AudioShare's file sharing area and used AudioShare to normalise it and upload it to Soundcloud.

    I probably won't build up layers of different instruments in WI Orchestra for serious recordings, as there was no mixing, all the levels were controlled by touch sensitivity when playing the parts. I will probably export each part as a separate file, as you get 99 project slots to record in.

  • good work.

    As a side note, WI Orchestra can understand MIDI CC2 (breath). I've successfully played the wind instruments with an EWI4000s. It's a bit strange to setup, one has to tap 'microphone' to enable CC2. Unfortunately the beginning of the notes (attack) is not quite right, making this app not useful for me. I wrote to the dev's about it, and hopefully they will improve MIDI input.

    Very nice modeling of instruments, I will buy all wind instruments once they react properly.

  • Hey Paul, thanks for your response. However, I'm a little slow. Where and what js the file shari.g area. Lol

  • Nvm. Found it.

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    @mgmg4871 Well done. Lots of apps have one, it's the method Apple decided should be the only way to get files to and fro between apps and desktop PCs.

    @Phil999 Perhaps I should get hold of my MIDI Horn (currently languishing at a friend's), although I never found that breath control was the whole story when it came to wind instrument realism. Something about the control over pitch that you have with your embouchure on a real wind instrument, I think. I once tried a Lyricon back in the mid 70s and that had a great mouthpiece. In addition to breath control over volume, it had a sax type single reed which gave a bit of control over pitch depending on how hard you pinched it with your lip. I don't know if other wind controllers picked up on that idea, but it worked quite well.

  • yes, the EWI has a mouthpiece that you can pinch with lips or teeth for pitch bend or vibrato.

  • Cool, although I would do vibrato like I do on sax and oboe, with diaphragm control.

  • interesting. Actually I do vibrato with breath. I never use the mouthpiece for it.

  • I think all wind players do that naturally, not sure why they'd make it a mouthpiece control, better to have timbre and pitch than vibrato and pitch.

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