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No pushing on the bus!

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Sometimes I can't help but try to push them on the bus. LOL


  • bradley_ny
    Post subject: Re: Pedal controller?Posted: Mon Mar 28, 2011 1:46 pm

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    Thanks Jo! This is a subject we're keeping an eye on.

    There are quite a few pedals for iOS devices coming onto the market. We're watching each one, and looking at what we can do for AmpKit in the future

    I wouldn't hold my breath. This was the reply when asked about a pedal controller for ampkit.... Look at the date. 2011. Almost 2 years ago. That is ancient history when it comes to this stuff.

    Hopefully they will get it going on.

  • Whoa! I'm so glad I'm a Jamup man. Though Ampkit does have some pretty awesome pedals, like Rocktron Zombie, its amps can't compare with Jamup.

  • @sealpt I hear you, I'm starting to think they lost their source code LOL.

    @logictree Well my main problems with JamUp are that I can't have a flanger and chorus at the same time or anything from the same category at once. The amps don't have multiple channels. No cabs, no mic. The amp descriptions are non-existent. Can't download presets to computer so i can't share my presets with myself. Can't record and mix down wet or dry. Can't use your foot to turn pedals on and off (can with ampkit with barefoot or thin sock at least). Not enough presets. No wifi server for backing tracks etc.. I find the bass amps in JamUp to be slightly better on average, although ampkits Ashdown tops them all IMO. I can go on... lol

  • What is your audio interface? I use Apogee Jam.
    For me it is really hard to get decent sound from Ampkit. I don't play bass, and didn't bought the bass amp, so I don't know anything about them.
    Well, what you said about Jamup is true. Those problems torment me too. But for me better sound matters more than anything else.

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    @logictree I just have iRig. I am primarily a guitarist as well. I found that I could get a better sound out of ampkit even when importing dry recordings which takes the interface out of the equation. Maybe we seek different tones or what not. It might just be a case of opinion. but yeah.. I recorded this song with Ampkit, both guitars and the bass were recorded with Ampkit, Drums were made on PC

  • Hey, aren't you a Mr Twiddly Fingers. :)
    So you just did the drums on a PC and the rest was recorded and produced on iPad? Nice work. Just goes to show what our toys are capable of.

  • LoL that's funny. Twiddly fingers! :-))

    Yeah I did it mostly on iPhone. I didn't have a suitable daw for iPhone back then so I exported it all to PC for the final mix down. I kept it raw though, no eq or anything. Just panning of guitars and volume automation on the solos.

  • Nice works. Maybe I should explore Ampkit deeper. I didn't even install it since I bought iPad 4th gen a month ago.
    On my old iPad 1st gen, Ampkit is thin and lacks dynamics.

  • Ryan, good news for you. I just got a newsletter from Agile:

    "AmpKit 1.6 Preview at NAMM

    We'll be previewing AmpKit 1.6 at NAMM, including two significant new features: stereo effects and Audiobus support. AmpKit 1.6 will be stereo-enabled, so effects like reverb, delay, and modulations like phasers and flangers, will all be deliciously rendered in stereo. AmpKit 1.6 will integrate with Audiobus, supporting all three Audiobus roles—input, effect, and output. AmpKit's already-diverse tonal options increase tenfold when fed to or from a range of exciting synthesizers, instrument generators, multitrack recorders, and other apps via Audiobus."

    Sounds amazing. This is a major upgrade.

  • That's great news! All three slots just like I said! Awesome! Thanks for sharing that info logictree.

  • Stereo effects! Sounds really great!

  • Oh does it ever. Because it's ampkit you can have multiple pedals of the same type. Like 5 stereo delays in a row.... Ha! Stuff will be ping ponging all over the place! Haha!

    i have to try not to get too excited though. Still going to have to wait a while I imagine. Exciting though. lol

  • Jamup will be updated on Monday and will apparently let you run multiple effects from any category:

  • I was wondering what there news was. That is awesome too!! Wow. :-)

  • That is awfully good news about jamup. And ampkit.

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