PSA: Don't update to iOS 12.4 if you use apps in AB output slot or IAA apps that use the mic.

Error that’s driving me insane! I have a gig tonight and need a quick fix.

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This is showing up in Cubasis, Auria, Gadget, and worst of all, PiaScore which I use to read my sheet music! I have a gig in less than 3 hours, and this is driving me up a damn wall. I reset my iPad, and nothing doing. How do I make it stop? Please help me. Thanks mates.


  • Have you tried airplane mode?

  • I'm getting this too. Won't let me download or even update any apps :(

  • You could try signing out of your Apple account in Setting on your iPad and restarting the iPad and singing back in, but its unlikely to solve things - sometimes the App Store sometimes just stops working and unfortunately you have no option just have to keep retrying.

    (I'm an iOS developer with experience of Apple IAP and can tell you the App Store just breaks, either for short periods of time or longer periods and there's nothing you can do about it when it does)

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    @brambos said:
    Have you tried airplane mode?

    This works for now. I’ll test what @mungbeans said when I get back home later. Thank you all for your excellent help. :smiley:

  • Good luck at your show. B)
    Let us know how it went? :)

  • Seems to be a widespread issue on Apple's end, I think its fixed now.

  • @CracklePot Thanks mate. :) The show went exceptionally well.

    @1nsomniak It IS fixed thank goodness. Oh man, Apple nearly f-cked me over though, lol. Got me all freaked out. :lol:

    @brambos The man who saved my gig, thanks mate!

    @theartwebreathe Yep, it’s fixed thank heavens. ^^

    @mungbeans I’ve bookmarked this thread and will try that next time Apple decides it’s fine to force their pop-ups on me. ;)

    Cheers all.

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