Auria 1.06 submitted to Apple, and includes Audiobus support!

Hot off the presses of Wavelab's Auria forum...

"We've submitted 1.06 to Apple for approval, and this update will now include Audiobus support.

Auria will support both Audiobus input and output modes simultaneously. The available outputs are Main L/R, all the subgroups, and Aux1&2. Auria will also support multiple inputs from Audiobus apps. These are selectable in the input matrix. You'll see a new mode selector on the right side of the input matrix, which allows you to choose between displaying regular inputs and Audiobus inputs. Once you assign an audiobus input to a track, just record enable that track and record the normal way.

We've done extensive testing of Audiobus, and it works well. But we've found that using Audiobus in Auria can reduce the available CPU dramatically. Mainly this is because the Audiobus developers have decided that all apps must use a buffer size of 256 when using Audiobus. Auria normally uses a much higher buffer size when in playback mode, so reducing the buffer to 256 increases the CPU usage quite a bit. We've talked with them about allowing an optional higher latency mode, so we'll see if they decide to implement that in a future version. Also, running other audio apps decreases the amount of CPU left for Auria's use as well. Memory usage can also be a consideration.

So when using Audiobus with Auria, we highly recommend creating a new project, with limited effects, and doing your Audiobus recording into that project. For recording into existing projects, freezing tracks can help to reduce the CPU and memory usage, and allow Audiobus to run more effectively.




  • Reading between the lines I would view this very much as a 'public beta' release as Auria will come crashing to the ground pretty quickly whilst being forced to work at a buffer size of 256 samples on all but the very latest IOS devices. It will be useful to see how they've implemented the input and output nodes but for the moment I have a feeling that Multitrack DAW will still be a better, more streamlined & less resource heavy option for the majority of users. It's a dissapoitment that they haven't provided a basic implementation of midi clock sync at this point as this is something all the available multitrack recording options still lack (that is until Meteor becomes available in the coming days).


  • I agree with you @jonmoore.
    Still no MIDI... Seems like Auria will definitely be ready and fully usable when let say, iPad 7 comes out...
    At least let's hope that they fixed the majority of the bugs (and there is many) of the present version.
    Definitely looking forward to the Meteor update ;-)

  • I wonder if they'd intended on waiting a while longer but jumped a little sooner than they'd hoped due to market pressure (read: meteor).

  • @Chapalo

    I think it unfair to describe Auria as bug-ridden. I use it for all my IOS mixing duties (after I've created the source stems in other apps) and it never lets me down. You can't beat having those wonderful Fabfilter & PSP plugins available to you within IOS. Granted those plugins cost you extra but you can get the whole of the Fabfilter effects suite on IOS for the cost of a single Fabfilter VST/AU plugin so the cost implications are relative to the quality of what's on offer.

    My comment was more with regard to the using Auria within Audiobus. Auria normally operates at 4096 sample buffers, this is 16 times more than Audiobus allows so I doubt whether you'll be able to record more than 1 IOS instrument at any one time through Audiobus. And without midi clock it will be nigh impossible to sync any new instrument recordings.

    So to my mind Auria & Audiobus working together is still a proof of concept rather than a workable solution. In the short term I'll probably buy Meteor just for it's midi sync-able recording capabilities but I'll still take stems over to Auria for mixing duties.

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    I'm going to reserve this space for a possible comment later on. Gotta talk with Mike about it first.

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    Hey guys, thanks. We're pretty excited about Audiobus support in Auria, and I can assure you, it's not a public beta. Our beta testers have been testing 1.06 for a while now, and the Audiobus integration works well. My intention for the original post was to make users aware that Auria won't work as well with a buffer size of 256 as it does normally. It's just something to keep in mind before loading a project up with plugins and using Audiobus. On a fresh project, Audiobus works perfectly fine with no issues, even on an iPad 2.

    Keep in mind that Auria offers a lot of options for processing: plug-ins, channelstrips, aux effects. It's easy to overload Auria if you're not careful, even without Audiobus. This is true with any professional DAW on the Mac/PC. We don't impose any restrictions on what you can do, and how many plug-ins you can add, etc.


  • Great announcement and great follow up. Congrats @rim.

  • I didn't mean to be so harsh in my previous comment, I'm just very frustrated with some bugs in the actual version. ;-) I still appreciate Auria.

    Good to read that it will work fine on iPad 2. I think I'm gonna buy an iPad 5 when it comes out anyway, just to unleash the full power of Auria. ;-)

    Thanks for this explanation Rim!

  • Very good news indeed.

    Auria with Audiobus integration will make a lot of people happy.

    Just can't wait for Midi now.

  • Auria 1.06 has a lot of bugfixes aside from Audiobus support, so hopefully it will be a smoother experience overall.
    This is pretty great, once a couple more of my favorite apps have Audiobus support (and Auria can at least send and receive midi sync) my iPad is going to be a powerhouse.

  • Midi is coming. We're working hard on it. I think you'll be very happy with it when it's out.


  • Good news!

  • Will the light version of auria also be updated to support audiobus? Also does anyone know if you can upgrade the light version to the full version via IAPs?

  • It still feels like Christmas on iPad !!

  • Yes, both Auria and Auria LE will get Audiobus in 1.06.

    Auria LE is upgradeable to the regular Auria through an in-app purchase.


  • Thanks wavemachinelabs I think I'm going to get it then.

  • Will freeze track be implemented in Auria? This could help the resource heavy situation.

  • Track freeze has always been part of Auria, and it will definitely help for larger projects when using Audiobus.

  • Good news, it looks like the bug that was causing issues when starting Auria before Audiobus has been fixed and is already part of the code that's in 1.06.


  • Mighty tempting indeed. Is it possible for you to make a demo video @WaveMachineLabs ? Or maybe one of the users can when the update goes through? This looks so awesome but the proof is in the pudding. If it works as good as everyone hopes.. I might have to pick up the LE version.. Although I shouldn't. I'm so poor. lol

    Also, if I already own jamup does it work with Auria? Or do i have to buy it again?

  • When is the next 50% of sale:)?

  • i think the next 50% off sale is called Auria LE. ;)

    Ryan, it's a separate purchase.

  • @Ryan, as syrupcore said, the JamUp plugin within Auria is a separate purchase from the JamUp app. You'd have to buy it "again" via the IAP. Auria is a great app. Can't say enough good things about it, really. Pro Q is amazing. I'm very anxious to see how Auria plays on the bus. The fine folks over at WaveMachineLabs say it should work fine, but you know, proof is da puddin'. Sound like pudding will be available in 8-14 days. Even without Audiobus support its worth very penny imo.

  • @boone51

    I'm with you on this. It's by far the best DAW for mixing projects on the IOS platform and any purchase decisions should be based on the product itself not the fact that it has Audiobus integration.

    I stand by my earlier comments that I'll probably use other apps for capturing audio via Audiobus as Auria will be useless for my personal workflows until it can provide some for of midi sync. And as @boone51 said the proof of the pudding will be in the eating with regards to how well Auria performs within Audiobus when capturing CPU intensive apps such as Animoog, Magellan, and the PPG & Korg apps.

  • I have Jamup Pro, completely upgraded. Since it's already Audiobus compatible, I should be able to use it to record straight into Auria right?

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    @AH_MediaDesigns, The developer said it would be available in both the input and output slots. I imagine it will work in a similar way to Multitrack DAW when it's in the output slot. So, yes, it seems like that would be possible .

  • Does anyone know if Auria LE will support Audiobus ? I'm really on a tight budget , so can't afford the full version.

  • Just an update: After a discussion with the Audiobus team, we've decided to make iPad 3 a suggested minimum for using Auria with Audiobus. This doesn't mean that Audiobus won't work in Auria if you have an iPad 2, but since the iPad 2 has less RAM available, running Auria along with another memory intensive audio app may push your iPad over the limit. iPad 3 and 4 have twice the amount of memory, and so provide a more stable environment for Audiobus when used with an app as complex as Auria.


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