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Copy and paste

I don't know if somebody already asked it but i'd want to know if i can copy a recording from audiocopy and paste it on an other music from audio copy. I want to add a sort of tag on my music, so i need to recording the tag but i don't know how to paste it on the music... Could somebody help me ?


  • You need to mix the two audio files together. One tack would be long, containing your music. The other track would be short, containing your tag. You can line up the tag track with the song section you want it to appear on, like the beginning or end, or anywhere in the middle as well.
    If you don’t have any DAW software to do this in, download GarageBand for free and use that. Make 2 audio tracks with you imported music and tag, place the tag where you want to hear it, adjust their relative volumes to get a good mix, then create a mixdown audio file that you can export and use where you like.

    Let us know if you need more assistance.

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