Can an input slot app use its own audio-in routines?

This is a question for one of the Audiobus team. Currently, using mic or line in uses up an Audiobus input slot, so that apps like Jamup tie up the effects slot. Since Jamup has its own mic and line in routines when used standalone, would it be theoretically possible for Jamup to be coded so that it could sit in the input slot, using its non-Audiobus mic/line in routines and just feed its output audio to Audiobus? Or does Audiobus inherently have to grab control of the audio input resources because of how it works?


  • @Paul Yes, it's completely possible. It's up to the Jamup team to implement it.

  • That would be cool.

  • Positive Grid is announcing the new JamUp at some point today. I know bluetooth is involved somehow. Maybe they will also add input slot. You are not the first to ask for that by any means Paul. :-)

  • This is a big one for Jamup... At the moment (now that I realise Jamup is mono), I can't use the microphone through Audiobus, once Jamup 'jams up' the effects slot - because it only allows channel 1 in, and hence through, Audiobus. But if Jamup could become an input - I could run the microphone input parallel, which would allow me to get back to playing and singing into Loopy via Audiobus.

    I don't think there is any other work-arounds, is there? What I'd like to do, is play guitar on channel 1, and sing through microphone into channel 2, and have loopy recording at end of chain, using Jamup. Currently, I can only do this using external effects - defeating whole purpose of Audiobus... Sadly.

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