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google trick for the sample hunters

?intitle:index.of? wav snare

This is an interesting way to search for folders containing bulk samples. You can replace “snare” for whatever you are looking for or change “wav” to mp3 or what not. I have come across many never before posted collections this way and thought it might be a helpful tip to share.


  • This works great. Thanks for sharing the tip. :)

  • For drum samples this reddit page is a goldmine

  • edited March 2018

    Here is a little teaser for you guys. These links represent the kinds of sample goldmines I have found using this technique. The advantage is that you can really find unique and not played out samples if you dig deep enough. Not only that, but sometimes it is difficult to find analog synth samples. Drum ones are easy, but sometimes your sampler is hungry for some analog goodness 😋

  • I use a slightly different form that allows to specify multiple format options

    intitle:index.of? +(wav|aiff|zip|mp3|tgz) "drum"

    You can replace or add any format or extension without the dot prefix separated each time by a pipe character " | ", and “drum” of course with anything else.

    The | is equivalent to OR bolean operator, so this should output all results of site indexes containing files that have drum in their names and (the + is like AND) are affixed with any which one of the extensions enclosed in the parentheses

    Also works wonders for books or reference material

    intitle:index.of? +(pdf|txt|rtf|epub|chm|zip|rar|tgz) "name of book or author"

  • Has anyone found good vocal snips? When I add the ones I found to audioshare they are just txt files.

  • I guess I did too many searches. Google asked if I was a bot! :o

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