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The Five Gadgets LE Challenge!

edited March 2018 in Off-topic

Now here’s a topic that’s actually all about Korg Gadget. :smirk:

So Korg’s Gadget LE is a far more limited version of the full version of Gadget. While I was originally going to post this challenge as the “Grand Gadget Non-IAP Challenge”, after watching Doug’s superior video on what comes with a fresh install of full Gadget, it really wouldn’t be that much of a challenge. Korg Gadget LE is FAR more limiting, which would prove to be a real challenge!

Gadget LE has the master reverb, master limiter, and IFX disabled, although it looks like the internal effects for the included gadgets are usable and fully automatable. Parameter automation is fully there. Only Marseille, Dublin, and London are available to use (unless you hook the iPad up to Korg hardware, which also unlocks Brussels and Amsterdam). It only allows you to use up to 3 tracks (up to 5 if you hook up Korg hardware to the iPad). It does look like you have access to unlimited scenes, but no Dropbox/Audioshare export.

SO, given the fact this IS a challenge, here are the guidelines.


  1. Just download Gadget LE and use it to build a track.
  2. All genres welcome.
  3. Export it to Allihoopa. (It looks like you’re unable to export it any other way aside from iTunes.)
  4. Post the link to your track and a screenshot of the Gadget project.


(There’ll be a tiny bit of leeway.)

  1. You can use up to 5 tracks instead of just 3.
  2. You can only use Marseille, Dublin, and London as well as Brussels and Amsterdam. You can use multiple instances of a Gadget so long as the number of tracks doesn’t exceed 5.
  3. No IFX nor DeeMax. However, the Master Reverb and Master Limiter are fair game. (ProTip, use the internal effects within the available gadgets as well as automation.)
  4. Unlimited scenes, unlimited automation.
  5. All genres welcome.
  6. Export it to Allihoopa. Or you can export it to Audioshare and upload it to Soundcloud if you wish.
  7. Post the link to your track and a screenshot of the Gadget project.

IF YOU HAVE THE FULL VERSION OF GADGET (but are masochistic)...

  1. Download Gadget LE and follow the guidelines as if you never had the full version of Gadget.

No deadlines, no time limits (can be as short or as long as you see fit). What can YOU create with such limited means? Cheers, and looking forward to hearing what you can make. I’ll be partaking in this challenge and posting my track here too.



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