OT(ish): iOS Samples —> Digitakt app

SRC Transfer App by Jakob Penca:
Was hesitant to pull the trigger on this due to the price (£9.99) but if you’ve got a Digitakt and you’re into iOS music making it’s definitely worth consideration, access AudioShare, Dropbox etc through iOS files app and directly upload to the Digi via USB and CCK, no computer required! Actually a whole lot slicker than Elektrons own computer transfer app. I keep my ‘best of’ sample library on Dropbox so this works brilliantly.


  • I wish you the best of luck on your new app! It seems like a great idea. I wish somebody would make something similar for the new Korg electribe sampler 2. I keep all my samples in AudioShare and need a way to simply upload them as opposed to sampling them in or using a computer and an editor.

  • This sounds excellent. Thanks.

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