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SampleTank broken with 1.7 update and AudioBus

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With the latest update to SampleTank, 1.7, there is a problem running it with Audiobus. After about a minute on an iPad Air, iOS 7.0.4, the sound becomes distorted, as if there is a buffer size mismatch. Other users are reporting ST crashes with either AB or IAA.



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  • Too late for me... :-(

  • Got an email from IK support stating that we should expect a fix shortly.

  • Tell them we already do and ask if we're going to get one. :)

  • Wow, I know you are not a fan but to nitpick a valid response from support like that? Jeez.

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    I was joshing on the ambiguity of the English language. What's your excuse?

    EDIT: Thinking about it, I'm going to take the opportunity to lay my cards on the table here.
    In all sincerity, my attempt at good natured ribbing aside, I really have only 2 problems with IK Multimedia. They both have to do with the corporate culture that has been adopted. The first is the well known issue with popup ads in a fully paid-for app. Everybody hates it, you know we all hate it, yet there they are.
    The second is that you seem to think it's acceptable to have company representatives who regularly talk down to or rebuke the customers online. You even seem eager to do it in cases where it would be quite easy to ignore it, or type 'Haha' and let it pass. What I posted above was harmless, not even a direct criticism of the company, its support team or its products. Everyone knows what the support guy was saying, I just had a bit of fun with the words. You're like the teacher who hates children. You either need a thicker skin or a change of career. Seriously.

  • Paul, I thought your comment funny and good natured.

    The mangled English is my paraphrase and not the actual email from IK's support team.

  • Work would be great if it weren't for those darned customers! ;-)

  • Well spoken once again, PaulB. And you still make the best poings.

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  • Nice fomatting. :)

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  • @Simon you beat PaulB in spellcheck too.

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  • What's spellcheck?...

  • Spellcheck is a technology that allows bad spellers to become worse.

  • Anyone for tea.....hhmmmm

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    Was the update on the 22nd supposed to have fixed all of the issues with strange audio, or is there another one coming?

    Edit: after several reboots it seems to be ok again. Sorry!

  • Was this issue supposedly fixed already? I downloaded Sample Tank a couple days ago and when I attempt to record loops to Garage Band the audio is unusable after about two measures, with distorted sound and noise.

  • Try resetting device by holding down home and power buttons simultaneously until you see Apple logo.

  • There are still some issues with sampletank and audiobus. Ik support says a fix is on the way.

  • Midi from BM2 broke here when using IAA in bm2 controlling via empty keyboard sampler.

    One step forward and two steps back with IOS music production.....

  • Issues with iaa as well as audiobus , comunicated with support but they cant help. Now i see that it actualy worked before for someone ? I tried this first time and nave or alchemy works goodby empty sapmler midi out from bm2 , cool workflow , would be nice to have also sample tank .

  • Audiobus broken in sampletank on my ipad 4.
    Not very happy. Love the miro orchestra set, but can't get it to work with audiobus without distortion, popping, lag and clipping.

  • @Mattmc said:

    Audiobus broken in sampletank on my ipad 4.
    Not very happy. Love the miro orchestra set, but can't get it to work with audiobus without distortion, popping, lag and clipping.

    Make sure you report issues to support when possible but the most recent update to SampleTank has been submitted for review so Apple should approve it soon.

  • What does it fix?

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    There are multiple fixes rolled into every update, if you have a specific problem you can reply to your support ticket to see which issues are fixed with any upcoming release. In this case, there would be IAA and Audiobus related fixes rolled in, though.

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