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OT - Anyone here built themselves a RetroPie game console?

Just curious to see if there's anyone out there with the retro gaming bug. Built myself a Raspberry Pi last July and I've been running RetroPie on it. It's amazing to have the entirety of 30+ years of video gaming contained in a box the size of a cigarette pack. I've been having a blast rediscovering these games with my 3 & 6 year olds.


  • Yes, it's fun. The only thing that's tough is that the controllers I have aren't the best. The ones that look like the Nintendo controllers aren't as responsive (can't beat Don flamenco because it keeps falling off of the pattern!), and then the imitation Playstation bluetooth controllers are a little finicky and once they disconnect they won't reconnect. However, I was never good at games anyway and so the nostalgia of it is awesome.

  • My son (30 yrs. old) made a full arcade console with vintage buttons, joystick, and light up marquee.

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