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It occurred to me today that I've been posting a lot here, and now I have all the videos and I'm sure that MOST of you haven't really heard any music I've made! Completing things has been difficult for the last few years as I have small kids (4 & 7), but prior to the rugrats, I did indeed play music. I even played live in front of an audience - GASP! For the live videos, you'll have to search me on YouTube, but here's a couple links to some music I've made:

(I intended these links to go to the full page, but they only seem to link to specific tunes... please navigate to the main page for each band to see the full list of tunes)

The first link is my personal Soundcloud, and there are two albums: Cure for the Common Old is the most recent of my singer-songwriter stuff that I did about 8 years ago. There's also a collection of funk/jazz tracks I made to sell on radio and TV called Caucasians with Soul I posted in 2013. These two albums were produced on my PC using Reason and Cubase.

The second link is to a collaboration with one of my oldest friends. Friction Shift was our high school band, and we reunited 20 years later to make another one. 90% of the material on Drivetime was created from demos I started in iMachine. There are a fair amount of iPad synths on that album, but it was produced primarily on my buddy's Mac using Logic.

I'm hoping as the kids get a bit older and a bit more independent that I can finish the album I've had shelved for the last 3 years.

I'd love to hear your feedback on any or all of these. Hope you dig it!


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