IOS midi CC faders?

Anyone have any suggestions?
I was going to purchase a midi cc faderbox for orchestral libraries on Kontakt, but they all seem too big,
or motorized faders (which I don't want). Or shitty cheap small plastic faders like Akai and Korg etc.
Now I'm leaning towards IOS...

What IOS app would you recommend to best send a few faders controlling midi cc's to Kontakt / DAW ?


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    Korg Nanokontrol 1 is a great little controller. Having 4 scenes available on the hardware gets you a lot of control for very little money, you would need to find one that has been used.

    On iOS Lemur can do faders well and you can mess with gravity and other stuff. Apparently it still runs perfectly on the original iPad!

  • to control expression/play styles of virtual instruments in Kontakt (which I don't have) I'd probably use TC-Data.
    There are several 'Midi-Designer' apps that let you build custom fader groups and assign CCs to them, but scaling can be tricky and it's a rather abstract approach.

    TC Data cannot do the fader thing at all, but it allows to assign CCs to various 'screen actions' or gestures that may get you much closer to a playable instrument.
    It's a bit of a learning curve in the beginning and there's few help online - in particular (almost) all videos seem to be about random swipe-tap-swoosh-glitch-noise >:)
    Can you give an example about what's to be controlled ?

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    My personal thoughts. ymmv...

    • Sonic Logic is probably the simplest to design control surfaces with. Super easy to get started with.
    • Midi Designer Pro is probably the best mix of power and ease of configuration. A bit on the ugly side IMO, but rock solid.
    • TB Midi Stuff is terrific and I've used it for years, but I cant recommend based on seemingly stalled development.
    • Lemur is super powerful, but a very steep learning curve, and really needs linkage to a PC or Mac to customize control surfaces in any meaningful way.
    • TouchOSC is the longest running and a lot of people use it, but is out in my book because there's no on-device control surface editor

    The thing to keep in mind with any use of iOS as a midi control surface is fader position updates. It's almost never two-way. So, if a fader in the target app is at 80%, but your control surface fader loads at 20%, neither app knows about the difference. There are a few apps like Animoog that have two-way communication, but even that has limitations.

    After years and years of trying to make use of such apps, I just don't see them as a good alternative to hardware. Nothing beats the feel of a real knob or fader. And switching apps on iOS is always a pain. If you have a static setup of apps and can customize a single screen to control all that you normally use, it can be great, but I personally have never reached that point.

  • MIDI Designer Pro 2 fairly easy to make control surfaces pretty quickly once you get the feel.

    I often use an iPhone with Bluetooth MIDI to send cc to the iPad which gives you more touchscreen flexibility.

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    Thanks guys - lots of good suggestions.

    @wim - sonic logic 2 is exactly what I am looking for : simple.
    Thanks for the tip.
    ..and as you point out it is super easy. :)

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