Sneak Preview of a track from new Doug Woods and Colin Powell album

We have all seen and enjoyed Doug's videos so I decided to have a go myself. He makes it look so easy! I am just a beginner as far as videos are concerned. :smile:

So, this is not a tutorial or review but just a glimpse of how I record my guitar for our albums on my iPad and a chance to hear a new track from the forthcoming album from Doug Woods and Colin Powell (The Madness of Benjamin Folde) and a glimpse of my recording process.


  • Ben Folds...?

  • The guitar/bandoneon (or is it an accordion?) section sounds great!

  • Interesting insight as to your workflow, Colin. Wish I could play like that, or even half as well. Looking forward to new album. BTW, the preview track sounds a little Clint Eastwood western, to me. This is a good thing. :)

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    Thanks, guys.
    The accordion sound is an Italian Accordion from Bismark bs-16i (and obviously it will sound even better on the album rather than though my Android phone microphone!)

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