Controller suggestions? (Soundscaper, iDensity, etc.)


I have been looking at different daw/midi controllers for live use. I create mostly noisy, ugly ambient soundscapes and drones. The app I use the most is Soundscaper, plus lots of effect apps.

A friend suggested the Quneo, but I hear it’s a pain to program (although if it’s otherwise good I don’t mind doing it) and that the pads are unresponsive. I would very much appreciate other suggestions if you have any?

And I’m sorry if this is in the wrong subforum, as I’m new here.


  • For idensity, I’d suggest a controller with encoders with 14 bit nrpn, because, the position control needs that fine resolution- the regular 128 steps of midi are too jumpy and coarse. The Behringer bcr2000 is a nice encoder midi controller. I recommend the Novation Remote series as well for iOS, because of the digital scribble strips. It lends itself to using it with multiple apps, but not having to memorize what 50 controls do in each app.

  • The best MIDI controller features vs. cost is Behringer BCR2000.
    If you get Mark van der Bergs’ editor, you can program anything in any imaginable way.
    Resolutions, steps, you name it.
    One thing to be aware is if you use Windows 10. I don’t think the editor works there.

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