Portable Mac Mini Qustion

Has anyone used a portable USB monster with the Man mini as the sole monitor


  • What sort of monster are you referring to? The Japanese ones, like Godzilla? Or dragons? Or just general dinosaurs? Ghosts, perhaps?

  • How do you portably power the Mac mini though?

  • a Mac Mini works with the IOS Duet app as it's sole monitor, including boot and passwort entry.

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    The power supply is internal, so presumably you would need a battery power bank (monster?) that has a 110V output.

    At that point you are into the weight/mess of just bringing a laptop... which begs the question: why?

    Sell the Man Mini; buy a 2012 MacBook Pro. Equal performance, better portability.

  • @u0421793 said:
    What sort of monster are you referring to? The Japanese ones, like Godzilla? Or dragons? Or just general dinosaurs? Ghosts, perhaps?

    Maybe it's a feet licking lizard?

  • I just realized OP meant USB “monitor”. So, yep definitely an option. I’ve heard of people doing this, but still seems like a MacBook Pro would do the job better.

    And “Duet Display” is the app that lets your iPad function as a USB monitor, I hear it works relatively well as the sole monitor if needed.

  • Many reasons someone might want to do this rather than a laptop. I won’t speak for @Shazamm , but I could see if I brought the Mac mini on location as a tracking computer where this would be useful, and I’m by ac when I’m doing this so no portable power needed. I do have a laptop, but if I didn’t and I had a Mac mini and an iPad I’d do this if on location and didn’t want to bring a monitor.

  • Awesome thanks for the ideas

  • I am using the Astropad app on my iPad Pro 12.9 inch; and the Astropad server on my Mac mini. It allows my iPad to become a primary monitor for the Mac mini. I found wifi not to work. A single Lightning to USB cable works great. No wifi needed. A mouse connected to the Mac mini is used for navigation and selection as usual.

    I make the Astropad server on the Mac mini bootup automatically; then launch the Astropad app on the iPad. Works great!

    I was searching for months for a portable monitor, and discovered I had one all along with my iPad.

  • I used a similar setup for djing some years ago. Mac mini late 2012 + iPad3 into is202 dock all flightcased. I used splashstop 2 with wifi hotspot, it works even as a magic trackpad replacement with great shortcuts and two click buttons and so. I used traktor and latency was ok, obviously I used midi controllers too for easy operation and screen mainly for library.
    My main reason to use it was avoid apple laptops whit obsolescense in their batteries (or grow as belly) and without them connected lowered the performance (Didn’t know it? Actual performance vs heat isn’t actual... started with macbook air/iPhone)

    The main drawback was using 1k gear to make 200€ a month so if someone puked on my setup I will fucked probably and iPad that time (even today) wasn’t reliable to djing alone (few storage, no usb+charging etc) so I sold everything and go for mini4/iPhone5s and dedicated hardware. Also left djing due the stagnation and banalization (people has become polarized with hipsters at one side and spotify users at the other)

    Nowadays if I need to do something similar (in fact I’m researching for it) I will look into dedicated hardware and even other platforms solutions due to

    (performance x revenue) / cost

    So to keep it “possitive” I will go from just iPhone (looping sets) to linux-mint laptop for mixxx (scratch djing) or iPad+philips m1x (pool party dj) and so.

    I’m still considering (do my maths) to justify a 6 year old mac machine (late 2012) and wondering about reballing or performance since I remember my macmini being a bit laggy and the macbook pro non retina from my nephew being a pita due to ssd+hd issues and temperature.
    These were the last worth it macs and they are showing its age IMHO...

    Jm2c not a gospel truth btw

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