Stock Music/Production Music/Royalty Free Sites

I blame Wayne Rowland for getting me thinking about selling music again. :D

Anyone have any experience with the sites that sell this kind of music? It’s for video makers, etc., that need some music for their productions. They buy a right to use your music, that they don’t have to pay royalties on. Doesn’t pay much, and the site takes half usually, but you can sell your piece over and over again. I write music that has been called cinematic so many times that I might as well give it a go. Also, they like not only regular length pieces, but also short pieces, 30 seconds of a complete idea.

Doesn’t cost anything to sign up, you only lose part when you sell. Anyone have any experience with any of these folks? I’m having a go with Pond5, to get my toe in the water, and see how it is.


  • I used several but really they are selling music for very low process, it is impossible for musicians to make living with those companies (unless they sell 50 track a month), from what i've seen you better go with small libraries, that provide quality productions at decent prices (anything under 50$ is not good), the big libraries do not mind because they find hundreds of musicians that accept to sell their music for a few dollars. Try to have a deal with besound or music screen
    Another option is to creat a soundcloud account, a YouTube account or freemusicarchive account and to publish your music there, I had several nice contrats this way.

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