Roli Lightpad Block M no longer working in Noise

Firmware is up-to-date.
iPad iOS is up-to-date.
Noise app is up-to-date.

This is not a hardware issue, but appears to be related to Noise. I can connect the block via BT in Noise Settings, the block lights up with the default scale displayed, but Noise doesn’t recognize it beyond that.

My Block does work correctly via Bluetooth on my Mac.

Anyone else see this problem on iOS?


  • Wow that’s an expensive coaster you have there then. Hope it gets sorted soon.

  • Can you try USB? Connect with the Dashboard app on your Mac?

  • @dougdi said:
    Can you try USB? Connect with the Dashboard app on your Mac?

    Works fine via USB and bluetooth on Mac. I'm totally mystified why iOS isn't working. Nothing on their website and no Google results come up. When I have time I guess I'll try and contact support.

  • Get in touch with Roli, they were helpful when I had a problem.

  • So I finally took my Lightpad Block M into Apple. I explained I was still working on a solution with Roli, who had been helpful, but not getting me closer to a solution. I was very clear with them when I had bought it from their website and that I was probably past their acceptable exchange date.

    They handed me a new device.


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