MIDI Routing with iPad

I have a live set up with 2 keyboard/sound modules connected to a USB hub plus a Scarlett interface connected to the same hub. There is also a midi wind controller connected to the 5 pin midi in of the Scarlett. Normally the hub is connected to my Mac and I can route as desired using MainStage. I'm trying to configure a backup system using an iPad should the Mac fail me. Using MIDI Wrench I can see I'm getting all the signals. The trouble I'm having is routing the wind controller to one of the outboard sound modules which works fine in Mainstage. The only midi app I'm using on the iPad is Set List Maker but I don't see any routing functions there. Do I need another app to be able to make patch specific routing of MIDI between the keyboards and wind controller? Thanks


  • Midiflow or midifire should help you on this routing. I personally love midifire.

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