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Zeeon and BM2, AUM

Hello all,

Just picked up Zeeon and loving the sounds. I’m able to get the midi into BM2, and I can control it in AUM, but I am not able to record audio from Zeeon into either. I feel like I am missing something here...thanks in advance for your help.


  • I got it working in AUM. Would love to get it working in BM2 though so that I can edit the midi and then record the audio. Any thoughts or suggestions? I suppose I could just use BM2 as an input into AUM with Background Audio on in Zeeon...but that's pretty resource heavy. I would just as easily use it in AUM with less resources.

  • Au or IAA? Works fine for me as AU I’m BM3. Don’t think I have tried IAA

  • @ageezz AFAIK Zeeon is not IAA. It does have a background audio option, and I can use this to control, play, record, and edit midi in BM2. I'm just trying to figure out how to record that audio onto a new audio track in BM2. I'm on iPhone so no BM3 yet.

  • I was able to record audio in BM2 using Audiobus 3. But this did not include audio driven by recorded/edited MIDI. This is fine for me for now since I am just holding chords (basically) in Zeeon, but being to able to edit MIDI and then record the audio in BM2 would be great in the future.

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