SHIRE WHISTLE by Embertone - Standalone & AUv3 - Demo for the iPad

Here is my demo for Shire Whistle by Embertone. As you would expect from Embertone it's very good quality and very good at what it does.

I have also set up some examples of it being used in AUM with effects and Mid East Drummer

You can get Shire whistle here at the App Store


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    Thanks Doug. Was waiting for a demo of this one. It’s right up my street. Once payday falls I will refind your link and buy it from there.

    I now need to hear it while I’m vaping custard and eating coffee ice cream - wonder what that weird fx you demonstrated recently would do to this hmmm

  • @Fruitbat1919 Thanks, and yes I reckon it would sound pretty wild and spaced out with something DISCORD4

  • And your piece of music made me go back to Jubal Flute again. They really are classy instruments and have a lot more variety than many give them credit for. Maybe I’m just a lover of wind instruments :)

  • Arghhhh. Doug, you are doing it again. I had persuaded myself that I didn’t need a whistle, and this was a bit pricey, etc, etc. But hearing the beautiful sounds you coaxed from this, and creatively adjusting so that the whistle becomes something else is making me reconsider.

  • Ok thanks Doug for the tour. This will be a welcome addition to the stable

  • For another five bucks you could buy a real tin whistle.

  • I have the Shire Whistle Kontakt instrument. Does this app do anything that the Kontakt version doesn't?

    -Scarlet Jerry

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