AU App Requests (a Spectral-Matching EQ and an RMS Meter)

Hi @brambos @FredAntonCorvest @Michael and other talented developers out...

Okay, so I’m going to make a couple of AU requests for you fine indie devs out there. I’d like to eventually move my mixing/mastering production workflow out of Auria on iPad and into AUM on my iPhone.

First of all, I’m looking for an EQ AU that can store the spectral information of mixes in special files on iCloud much like the EQ in Ozone 8 can store spectral information of mixes in special files. I’d also like this EQ to be able to do spectrum matching, whether through FFT like Ozone 8, or through adjusting a number of bands like Pro-Q 2. (FFT or band adjustment, whichever is the easier of the two, so long as linear phase is involved.) This could definitely be an EQ for mastering, not necessarily for mixing, or it could be a hybrid EQ like Pro-Q 2 is.

And since making such an EQ would be no easy task, I’m willing to shell out at least a solid $39.99 for it - the same cost as Pro-Q 2. (Or whatever non-subscription price you feel is fair, just don’t undersell yourself! Pro prices for pro apps.)

The other AU I really need is a proper metering AU that can measure peaks as well as RMS loudness. Simple, straightforward, and will help me master tracks outside of Auria (possibly in AUM). I’ll say at least $4.99 for the base AU with Peak and RMS modes, and at least an extra $4.99 IAP for the K-Metering system. If you make a full-blown analyser that so happens to have Peak and RMS metering, charge at least $19.99. Again, pro prices for pro apps.

Can any of you awesome devs help achieve this? Thank you.




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