Patterning question.

Is it possible to set up Patterning in such a way that I can select any pattern and it will start playing only on the completion of the current one? It just seems to be jumping to it instantly for me.


  • Yes.

    The timeline arrangement is a little ....interesting at first.

    But, it jives.

    You know FYI you can change patterns via midi as well as on Audiobus Remote.

  • So is it possible? If so how do you achieve this?

  • I'm not sure it can. Part of the issue is defining where the end of the pattern is- a non issue in 4/4, but you could have, say, the kick drum pattern be 64 beats long, and the snare pattern be 63 beats long, so it would only actually repeat every 10 minutes or something...

    I think to do what we want, it would need some kind of "phantom" count of measures where you define the time signature.

  • You can sequence your patterns in the timeline and play them in song mode, but if you want to switch patterns live I think it does it on press. The switch seems quantized, so it is smooth sounding. If you press near the end of a pattern, it sounds like you waited to the end.

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