Bias FX: Preset Favorites!?!? What's yours?

I might be missing some of the best sounding ones out there, ya know! ;)

Anyway, if you have a favorite patch or preset that is out there on the could, post it here, I'd like to download it and check it out!! And, if you want to promote one of your own Presets you have uploaded, by all means...... Do a shameless plug for it here. :) Thanks

Some of my favorites are:

Last Stand Sudio UK - Perfect punch of mild distortion. Good for classic or mild rock.

Ride the Lightning/Ride the lightning stereo - Metallica! DUH!

Sleeping my Day away - D.A.D. sounding bliss. Delay sound they are known for

Blackmore's 70's - Sabbath, or doom, awesome tone

Early Exodus ryth - Classic Exodus tone!

Pantera Tone Fixed - DImebag all the way

And.....A few of my own:

Megadethish - Megadeth tone. Dead on!

COB Match - Children of Bodom Tone.

Testament - Classic Testament sound

Argon 66 EQ X 2 - My favorite metal tone

Thrasher - Shredder - What it says

Synth Guitar I - probably the weirdest/strangest/coolest sound you've hear coming outta yer guitar

_What are yours? _


  • I have two presets that usually use while practicing. Both were created myself. First one is based on the amp which was created in Bias Amp for clean sound. And I have several variations of these presets. For example here is shimmer version of my main preset for clean.

    Here is the same preset with delays:

  • Ohhh, ya that sounds very nice. Ima looking Shymmy up now. It's on the cloud correct?

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