New Intro Video

I have been working on improving my youtube channel. I have updated some graphics on my youtube channel and I am working on the format of my videos. Thought it was time to give my intro video another look. Came up with this. Let me know what you think.


  • That’s really cool

  • Sharp and to the point great.

  • Looks great, Mitch!

  • Nice :) Love the channel - thanks for all the musings and advice.

  • Good work. So much effort goes into those one or two seconds :)

  • Cool ident.

  • Very cool. Makes me want to do something. :D

  • Audio Dabbler? With that intro, more like "Audio Professional"!

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    Nice Mitch!

    As a side note, I'd mentioned that Samsung U3 SD card to you for extra storage to use with the GeekGo card reader. The 64GB version had gone on sale so I picked one up myself. I'd assumed the specs for the 64GB version would be the same as the 128GB version. They aren't. Read speed is the same, but the 64GB is 60mb/sec write vs 90mb/sec for the 128GB version. Not a huge deal, but if you get one and that matters to you... get the 128GB one instead.

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    I dig it - I've just been working on my own intro too.

    I liked your previous one as well, but this one is very sharp, clean and direct. I dig it.

  • That’s very slick. And I’m glad to see you continuing to push forward with your channel. I’ve gotten a lot of helpful info through your videos.

  • Thanks everyone for the positive feedback. I was pretty happy with the end results.

    @skiphunt Thanks for the heads up on the SD card.

  • Looks great.

    I think video tutorials from you would be welcome

  • @RUST( i )K I have thought about that. Someone else has already asked about a motion 5 tutorial on how I did animation. I plan on working some of those into my channel as well.

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