Samplist is live on the App Store

Hey guys, my sampler app is LIVE on the App Store! Approved in record time.

I'll update the website soon with a manual... or actually a Youtube presentation.
PS: Version 1.1 is waiting for approval to fix Audiobus. Right now, Audiobus works only on my ipad :)

Tips: CC 20, 21, 22, 23 can be used to alter the filters. I'll add MIDI Learn in the next update.

Special thanks to @mathieugarcia @analog_matt @brambos
Also special thanks to the beta testers! (watch your inboxes for a surprise)



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  • Developers like this dude should be commended for their hard work and attempt to enrich our worlds with a passion we all enjoy.

    And animosity is really misplaced as to we are a community and all need each other to be productive.

    Give this guy a break y'all.

    For real. Stop being bitches and PM him if you have a legit issue.

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    Ok let me troll this thread with some updates:

    • The audio engine of the slice player has been successfully rewritten last night. I've added back .CAF files, so you can Airdrop your Logic Loops into Samplist (that's what I do anyways). I'll add support to Airdrop whole zip files also.
    • I've made the selection areas better. You move it by dragging the left handle, you resize it by moving the right handle. So you can scroll/zoom the waveform even if you grab one of the slices.
    • I've started working on implementing Apple's Sampler into Samplist. So you'll be able to play poly notes like RomPlayer ;) I still need to do some work on ADSR stuff
    • I've added pad pages. You can add max 64 slices over 4 pages. More is overkill and it kind of trashes your CPU. I'd recommend max 16 slices. I mean... how many fingers do you guys have to play drums? :))
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    Even though I really don’t need this, I’m tempted to buy it anyway because even after some of the rude criticism by at least one user I don’t really jive with anyway, how this has dev responded even-keeled without negativity and appears to be committed to making his app spectacular... how could anyone NOT support that? :)

    Almost sold but waiting to see what the Kosmonaut damage will be. ;)

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    Price discussions are tricky (seems that this topic is nearly as volatile, and can end in as many bannings or self-exiles, as political discussions)
    I bought the app at $10 when it went live, pre-discount. Worth it, especially given your drive and enthusiasm (and obvious skill). You remind me of my favorite Benjamin Disraeli quote, (paraphrased): “When I want to use a good app, I code one”

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    You must be trolling

    How is mentioning an app that’s just been released ‘trolling’? I’d call it ‘being helpful’.

    Your only input into this thread is to make a personal attack on another member, which you’ve also done to me on several occasions.

    The only ‘troll’ on here is you mate.

  • Well there was just this 1 guy. The other were well deserved. The app crashed like hell on iOS 10.
    But yeah, some honest reviews would be great! :)
    I've updated the description also because now IT IS RECORDING :) That was the bonus feature.
    I couldn't write the description like this: "This app doesn't sample" :)) It was like shooting my leg.

  • Alex is one of the most driven and talented developers around. At this rate, Samplist will probably become one of the most legendary iOS apps of all time. Better get it now while it's still affordable. And, please leave a good review to support Alex, he's one of the good ones! B)

  • Good news guys. In my developer version I implemented a way to calculate tempo like Ampify Blocs. You enter the number of beats and magic happens. Or if you know the tempo already you enter that. Based on those calculations I'll display a grid so you can slice your samples on the grid or adjust the tempo of the newly released timestretch using a tempo slider and not just arbitrary values.

    I'm gonna be busy for the next days :)))

  • So I've been busy the pasts two nights.
    I've rewrote the component that I used to render the wave on screen.
    Now the waveform is vectorised and you can zoom 20x instead of the current 8x.

    Here's a demo

  • So guys, I've submitted last night a new update which focuses on performance improvements and crash fixes.
    Also it contains the new optimized waveform view. You can zoom up to 20x with super sharp vectorized waveform ;)

    And here's a bonus: I've started working on the iPhone version.

  • @Jumpercollins said:
    Crikey you not hanging around less than a week in beta, brilliant.

    Well I'm planning to update it as I go along, kind of like what @jimpavloff does. He's my hero! :D

  • @girlvsworld said:

    @kobamoto said:

    @girlvsworld said:
    I’ll take the other! Thank you!

    Edit: I guess someone else already used it!

    funniest thing I've read so far today

    It was a matter of seconds

    trust me I've been there

  • What does this offer more than sampler on bm3, samplebot etc?

  • @ToMess said:

    @alecsbuga said:

    @ToMess said:
    What does this offer more than sampler on bm3, samplebot etc?

    Nothing. This doesn’t aim to be BM3. Its meant to be a copy of Ableton Simpler. Or OP1 sampler if you’d like. It will evolve over time because I have a lot of ideas. Including a sequencer. But one at a time.

    Okay. But since there are already good products that does sampling in similar, but more powerful ways(or it seems at least for now), you really should offer something that others dont, like making this an audio unit. Why would someone choose to sample and sequence on this app, when you got bm3? But if this could be loaded multiple sessions of to cubasis or aum, then this app would offer tons and be able to differentiate itself from others.

    That's the plan.
    I'm also not forcing anyone to buy it :) It's a free market. Diversity is good.
    I've built his mainly for myself because I needed a slicer which can play individual drum hits with effects applied on them. The plan was to have AUv3 but it's not that simple So i'm taking one step at a time. Audiobus & Inter-app was easy to add.

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    Ok so I'm offering a 50% discount as an introductory price so you can all get your hands on it :)
    Grab it while it's hot!
    It probably takes a little while to update the price through the AppStore

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    I'll stick my demo video here too but it also has its own thread for those who aren't reading this one

    Here is my link if you want to help me out
    You can get Samplist here at the App Store

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    @Zen210507 said:

    @lovadamusic said:
    What if someone doesn't own BM3? P


    What if someone does own BM3, but has never been able to get on with the app?

    Thst’s me, that is, and following Doug’s video, plus the intro price, just bought Samplist. :)

    That’s me as well. Probably worth revisiting now since people aren’t reporting so many crashes now.

    Meanwhile back on topic Samplist seems like a reasonable start. But the core sliceing feature needs a LOT of work in my opinion.

    Improvements I would like to see include

    automatic slicing to an equal number of parts

    Automatic detection of beats.

    Much higher magnification and a nudge feature on sample start and end

    Sample ‘tuning’ by which I mean that if I load a sample and play it chromatically it should play the note I play on the keyboard

    At present it just seems to shift up a semitones per key from C so that if for example I have an A note at 440hz as my sample when I press the A key I get an fsharp at 742hz

  • @Zen210507 said:
    Little bit irritated that the App Support page is just an advert, no way to actually make contact.

    As I said in other thread, it’s quite buggy. If dev is reading this, pick up the comment there if interested.

    I've left a feedback link on this thread.
    I'll post the link on the site also.

    I'm sorry you feel irritated but I've been working on this for 3 weeks every night because I'm passionate about it. It's not my goal to throw it out there and fish for money. I've made the website in 30 min so Apple cand approve my app so you guys can get your hands on it sooner.

    I know there are bugs I'm aware of the crashes because use a crash reporting tool, dooh

    And I have a long list of fixes and features.

    Meanwhile version 1.1 is in store which should fix some of the bugs and enable Audiobus too.

    Now I'm sorry if I can't reply personally to each and everyone of you. You're just too many saying a lot and I'm just one.

    That being said, here's the feedback form and expect new stuff for 1.2 which should arrive in a couple of days. I'm gonna take a break from the forum and focus on work. I really want this to be out there with the big guys. :)

  • @Zen210507 said:

    @eross said:
    It always amazes me when people complain about buying a ten dollar app, even if it has a bug or two.


    There is a big difference between complaining, and making someone aware of faults. Mr Buga’s stated passion shows he wants to be selling a bug free app.

    Arse kissing helps no one.

    Politeness always does.

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    Ok guys. Next update is waiting for review.
    First things first: I've investigated some of the crashes and it seems it's bug with AudioKit (the framework I use) when you load big files. Sometimes it crashes. So at the moment, please try with 4-8 bar loops instead of full songs until I figure this one out.

    The other thing I've noticed, is when loading CAF files the code refuses to chop them. Probably due to some reading restriction? It happened to me too with files from Logic's library. I'm investigating

    So, what's new in this update, except for bug fixes:
    • Slices cannot go outside the screen. They're limited to the sample length.
    • I've increased the zoom size.
    • You can split the sample into equal regions by entering the number of regions. (I'll have to figure out tempo detection, but it's on my plate)
    • You can split the current selected sample into half and go from there.
    • When renaming a sample which has a preset, it now renames the preset also.
    • When you tap ADD SLICE, it ads it after the current selected slice.
    • Fixed the faders. You can drag them easily now.

  • You’re doing an incredible amount of work on this, well done, it’s really appreciated.

  • Hi
    This is an unfinished app, too buggy and... that price, even with v1.2 and the intro price
    The knobs have a strange behavior, jumping and not precise
    The keyboard is not responsive
    Sometimes an erased slice still play and a placed slice did not
    The workflow of the app is not my taste
    I don’t want to be a beta tester at that price
    Refund for me

  • It's hard out here in these streets for ios developers :D . Great job @alecsbuga . Makes me want to build my own app.

  • @hansjbs said:
    It's hard out here in these streets for ios developers :D . Great job @alecsbuga . Makes me want to build my own app.
    @Cristus said:
    This is an unfinished app, too buggy and... that price, even with v1.2 and the intro price
    The knobs have a strange behavior, jumping and not precise
    The keyboard is not responsive
    Sometimes an erased slice still play and a placed slice did not
    The workflow of the app is not my taste
    I don’t want to be a beta tester at that price
    Refund for me

    You know what's funny? I initially made the knobs linear. People said they're weird. Make them like garage band.

    I made them like garage band (rotational) and now people want them linear.

    I guess you can't satisfy everyone. I'm sorry you changed your mind. Perhaps you can revisit it on a future update.

  • @alecsbuga said:
    Yeah guys. I've just sent Version 1.2.5 to the App store.
    I finally fixed it!
    Luckily my mom had still iOS 10 on her ipad. It was a sneaky one. In the simulator it was all good.

    I'm really sorry and thank you for your understanding.

    PS: As a bonus, I've included the Pads in this update. I still have to work a little on the pad pages but they have velocity so ... hell yeah! :D

    I LOVE this message. And I approve this message loving it.

    All devs need to shout out to their moms.

    As for the earlier rubbish about the hot knob action (red apple or green apple etc) I guess that's why many have settings so the user can select which apple they want/prefer. Put it on the deep one-day list :)

    Keep on.

  • Great update your flying high with this one.

  • @alecsbuga said:
    Hey guys. I keep seeing people talking about the initial price being high. I'm just curious how much do you guys spend on average on an app?

    Because when I set the initial price I honestly thought it's not high. I'm usually measuring app prices in Starbucks coffee. I don't buy Starbucks coffee anymore but I'm thinking "is this app worth 2-3 coffees? Ok. I buy it"

    Maybe it's the fact that I know what happens behind the courtains and probably put a value on the process too.

    Building an app is not such a piece of cake. And also there's the big brother Apple who takes 90$/yr just to allow you to be on the store with the cool guys and then... Hey are you making money? Give me 30%

    Not to be a downer, but measuring by Starbucks or other common everyday expenses is a good way to show how it would be much more profitable for iOS music developers to sell cups of coffee. :)

    What's more relevant is to compare to other music-making apps. We users get so much for so little. When I think of what good software used to cost, iOS is ridiculously low. So we end up spending quite a bit, but spread over hundreds of apps. The market is pretty saturated, I think. A new app has to really be something new, and people still expect it to be inexpensive. Even a complete DAW isn't going to cost much more than a dinner-for-two at a mediocre restaurant.

    So I think an iOS music developer these days, especially an independent with limited experience and resources, has to go into it with the idea that the reward is going to have to be measured in something more than money.

  • @Zen210507 said:

    @alecsbuga said:
    On another note... just received a youtube comment "You're a stupid gay" on the Samplist walkthrough video from a Romanian fellow. So yeah the internet is a very awkward place :smiley:


    Most likely a 12 year-old monkey spanker.

    I long ago abandoned anti-social media, due to it being inundated with the most vile bunch of twats I’d ever encountered.


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    @TheVimFuego said:

    @greengrocer said:
    So all price discussions about this app are stupid.

    So rationally debating pricing models and relative value is “stupid”?

    This provides no benefit to either the dev or consumer?

    No in this specific case it's quite stupid, because there's a direct input to the dev, implementing all kind of wishes nearly on the fly, etc. It feels like that you more or less have a private hired dev. And in such a case start complaining directly against the dev about the price I think it's just cheap, easy and distracting.
    I would say look up earlier threads about price models or start a new one and point to it. I think it's just not done to do it in this thread, it just distracts from the good energy buyers and possible buyers have that want to support the dev and have serious input. And distracts energy from the dev that wants to make it's app better. And has to respond to price complainers and bargain hunters. So please take this price discussion somewhere else (other thread) and if you want leave a link here, so that if the dev wants to reconsider the price he can join or just read what people have to say about price models.

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