“Slow Drift”- Ripplemaker, Model 15

Long phasing with an ostinato.
Ripplemaker, Model 15, Cubasis, Eos2, Master Record


  • @syrupcore Hey man, thanks for the ears and time! Not everyone’s cup of tea, I realize. Happy to hear you’re into it. I’m fascinated by the rhythmic interplay in phase music........I read/write notation better than I do English and there is no amount of money in the world that could get me to transcribe this.

  • I listened while rewiring some things in my home studio setup and it was very meditative & moving. I liked the delay variations on the sequence loop bits, made it pop off with all these counter melodies & harmonies. I sat for the last few minutes watching the video which totally matches the music perfectly. Very cool @waynerowand thanks for sharing brother...

  • @JRSIV Awesome! Thank you for the ears and time!

  • Again, sounds great but aaah the phasing. I made it only a few minutes again :( . Not your fault, I’m just not able to handle it.

    Keep on truckin!

  • @oat_phipps No worries, brother!

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