OT: Helix Native 30% off

Wasn't thaaat blown away by the demo, but I'm kinda tempted to pick it up while it's on sale. What say you, fellow guitar-folks?


  • Sounds like you answered your own question if you weren't blown away by the demo. Is that line6, as in native version of helix hardware? If there's a demo version and you're interested then that may the best way to tell if you like it (unless that's the demo you mean, I'm which case if you've used it and don't like it, you definitely answered your question!)

  • I have the Helix LT which has the same tones as Helix Native, and I am VERY happy with it. Great tones in it!!! All the electric guitar parts in my SOTMC contribution of this month are from my Helix LT: the chord striking (after intro, when the drums start) is my Fender Strat via Helix into iPad Garageband, and the guitar solo parts is my PRS Mira also via Helix into iPad GB. If you like working with plugins, I’d buy it. The interface is easy to understand and intuitive and the tones are great, versitile, etc. I myself also am tempted to buy it, as LT owner I pay less to start with, but...hmm working with plugins is not really my thing (at this moment).

  • Just to update everyone, since I'm sure you're all dying to know what I decided. I gave into temptation and I'm glad I did. It's much more impressive than what I got from my first impression. The effects would almost be worth it alone. I could see myself recording a real amp and using the Helix's effects. If I didn't already have a gaggle of Strymon boxes I'd probably be tempted to run out and get the HX for use with my amp. The amps are great too though! Definitely nice to have this at home when my gear is elsewhere. Highly recommended.

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