PSA: Don't update to iOS 12.4 if you use apps in AB output slot or IAA apps that use the mic.

Meteor Multitrack Recorder gets on the bus



  • Can someone make a quick video please? Using it with AB. Nothing on youtube that i can find.

  • @Ryan Will be making a video when the single comes out. :)

  • I've found that provided Meteor is on the bus, I can play and record the internal sounds as MIDI parts using NLog MIDI regardless of whether Nlog is on the bus or not, but I can't do the same with Geo Synth or iFretless Bass. Bizarrely, I can play the sounds with both via MIDI Bridge, but nothing gets recorded. I did find a workaround, by controlling Nlog with Geo or iFretless and enabling MIDI through in Nlog with a silent patch, I can then record what I play. Not quite sure what's going on there. Lol.

  • It's a bit hit and miss what midi apps it will record. NLOG and Animoog are fine, thumbjam is a controller only same with Sunrizer. At the end of the day I suppose it doesn't matter if all you're recording is midi

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    It depends on the controller. Being able to record MIDI played from one screen keyboard or another, not so much, but I like the nuances of expression I can get from playing the iFretless and Geo interfaces, so it was important to me to get it working. If Sunrizer and Thumbjam experience the same problem, I imagine that the silent Nlog patch and MIDI through trick will work for them too.

  • Just taken a look. Sunrizer doesn't seem to have MIDI out, so that's not going to do much. Lol.

  • Oops! To be fair I tried Magellan and Wavegenerator and they were the same.

  • Well the good news is that Magellan plays nicely with Meteor when multitracking audio on the bus. The bad news is that it won't play Meteor's MIDI instruments or record MIDI tracks. My Nlog proxy trick only makes things worse and leads to some nasty crunching of audio and random triggering and stuck notes.
    If you wish to record MIDI in Meteor, it looks like either external keyboards via Core MIDI or Nlog screen keys via a network session. For Geo and iFretless, there's that kludge. Kinda disappointing, but not a huge disaster unless you're seriously into sequencers and arpeggiators.

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