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Meteor Multitrack Recorder gets on the bus



  • Can't get anything, meteor doesn't wake up in audiobus and and I only get meteor1 option no plain meteor... Too bad was gearing up for this one... Tried restarting / reinstalling both orders both apps... Nothing . Same situation every time, meteor remains asleep in audiobus and there is no audiobus panel in meteor.

  • @mgmg4871 right on. ThumbJam is always my go-to starting point. What device do you have again?

  • Ipad 2. The audio pool in Meteor is really cool. It stores all recordings. I forget sometimes to arm track for recording. The audio pool still holds the recording and you just drag it out on the track you want it on.

  • @spacemediaCA. Start up Meteor first and then Audiobus. Try to connect with Meteor1 and when it doesn't , go back to Audiobus, scroll to top in output and look for Meteor not Meteor1. I'm sure a fix will come soon, but this is a workaround for now.

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    @mgmg4871 nice. I have an iPad 3rd gen. I should be golden. Thanks man. I might have to save up for this one, It looks like it'll be around $80 for everything.

    Here's the appstore link for any lazy people. lol

  • You get a little discount if you purchase virtual instruments/midi as a set for $14.99. Separately virtual instruments is $10.99 and midi is $7.99.

  • Got it going but it works like 1 out of 5 times. S'ok I guess.

    The Audiobus implementation is ok. Works fine.. But multitrackDAW has a really great input selection that still makes it a better choice.. I can use a USB interface, record a couple of inputs of live audio and mics.. and open like 2 or 3 apps and record them all on separate tracks too.. Up to 8 tracks at once I assume.. I hope this is how Auria will work.. It's good to be able to do track by track but none the less I want more if the other DAW already supports this..obviously there are limitations anyways so for any of the high end synths one at a time is plenty but I'd still like to record on multiple tracks at once.

    I don't THiNK you can do this with meteor but let me know if I'm missing something.

  • I must have accidentally got the sequence right when I tried it out, as I didn't get these problems, although I did wonder about the Meteor/Meteor1 thing.
    After experimenting, I find that if you start Audiobus before Meteor, you will see Meteor1 in the output list. Selecting that doesn't work, it launches, but never connects.

    What works is this:- Start Meteor. Change Audio Latency (options menu) to Low. Start Audiobus.
    Select Meteor (not Meteor1) in the output list. Tap to wake. Audiobus and Meteor should then be communicating.

    Read the bit in the user manual (help menu) about Audiobus (bottom of index) as there are some track setup steps advised.

    Hope that helps.

  • The Audiobus guys are great! They already fixed the Meteor/Meteor1 issue.I thought it was a 4Pockets issue.Now it's working well with Animoog on my Ipad3.Just delete and reinstall Audiobus. The problem I'm having now is that meteor won't recognize midi tracks even if you set the track type to midi.But I think this is a 1.4 issue because it happens even when I use Meteor without Audiobus. Has anyone else experienced this? I hope it gets fixed because Meteor has great potential!

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    I recorded from Thumbjam into audio tracks. Works great. I think it has to record into audio track. Make sure you choose mono or stereo. Whichever applies.

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    Everything seems to be working now. Thanks guys. This is amazing progress. Thumbjam input, Jamup effects, and Meteor output. One word. Wow. Oh, and virtual instruments from Meteor.

  • Couple of questions for you Meteor owners...

    How is the audio timing when recording a midi controlled external synth?

    How easy is it to ditch/export/hide midi tracks and reimport them later?

    How easy is it to bounce tracks down within the app?


  • @jomazz Correction to last post you can record into audio or midi track. It worked for me.

  • @Jomazz, do you mean not being able to record virtual midi?
    If so, see here:

  • FYI. Meteor will let you record a midi track to a audio track by setting them both to solo.

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    Does anyone know of a video demonstration of Meteor's time stretching and pitch shifting capabilities? Or Aurias for that matter. I can't find anything so far.

    I'm trying to decide between Meteor, BM2 or Auria, and I'm specifically interested in how they handle time stretching and pitch shifting. They all look great feature wise, so for me the deciding factor is workflow when editing/manipulating audio. Ableton has been my main DAW for years and I am so accustomed to warping audio and Abletons overall workflow, what I really want is Ableton for iPad. Hopefully that will happen one day soon. In the meantime, I would like to see a demonstration of Meteor and/or Aurias workflow when editing/time stretching/pitch shifting audio.

  • mgmg4871 & circuit
    thanks for your help but what I am trying to do is set a track to midi so I can record the virtual sounds and drums that come with Meteor.But when I change a track from audio to midi everything seems fine but when I change from the track editor to the midi editor and try to assign an instrument I get a message that no midi track is selected even though I just armed a track that says MIDI-Driving me crazy. Also I tried upgrading to 6.01 and now I can't get Animoog to work with Audiobus!

  • Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

  • First let me ask you a dumb question. Did you purchase the virtual instruments/midi addon?

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    @Jomazz I think I know what the problem is. When you assign a track to midi and switch to midi editor for some reason it does not go to that track. On the left hand side you must choose which track you want to edit by clicking on track button. Hope this helps.

  • @Jomazz Interesting, I didn't have to delete & reinstall and I got the fix anyway.

  • Mgmg4871-yes picking the track from the list was the answer! Thanks! I thought that just arming the track would pick it.I managed to record tracks from Nlog,Sunrizer,Magellan,and Meteor drums and strings in the same project -Very cool! Now back to trying to get Animoog to work again!

  • Mgmg4871-yes picking the track from the list was the answer! Thanks! I thought that just arming the track would pick it.I managed to record tracks from Nlog,Sunrizer,Magellan,and Meteor drums and strings in the same project -Very cool! Now back to trying to get Animoog to work again!

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    @Jomazz glad it was a simple answer. If you have any issues with distortion you can change latency setting in Meteor. By default mine was set to very low. I changed it to medium and have no noticable latency. You have to start up Meteor first to do that though. It wont let you change setting once Audiobus is started. Also I don't know if you are aware there is 12 downloadable M3 instrument patches you can access through the help menu.

  • Question for people who have used both Meteor and Beatmaker 2, how does Meteor compare in terms of Midi editing and effects? Also, does Meteor have a deep sampler instrument engine? That's one of the things that still holds me to BM2 at times.

  • Has anyone managed to record midi using outside apps? With midibridge or otherwise?

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    One more try. :-)
    How is the workflow for time stretching/pitch shifting audio in Meteor vs. Auria or BeatMaker2?

  • @ian, yes - see my earlier post in this thread with a link. If you set up midi bridge with a link from its own input to its output, you can record MIDI from other apps.

    @mgmg4871 @Jomazz, yep that one caught me out for a while too!

    Meteor isn't perfect, but for my iPad2 it's as close to perfection that I've found for doing MIDI and multitracking, now that the launch issue is fixed it's great. Animoog crashed once when recording into Meteor, that was probably because Meteor had 'very low' latency. Upped it a bit and no more crashes. Very happy with Meteor !

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    I must be missing question about recording midi. You can record midi directly into Meteor from other apps by choosing a midi track.

  • IanIan
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    I don't think it's you who's missing something! Unless...yes, it wouldn't do it before because, err.... Mind you I couldn't get it to work the complicated way, using midibridge for love nor money! Thanks (shuffles off embarrassed)

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