Worlde - minilab rip-off. Any users here?

So I’ve been seeing these Worlde branded controllers. I generally try to steer clear of ‘idndependent’ brands but this seems like an exact copy of the minilab mk1. I’m weary of the fact that likely there’s no mac editor and likely there’s no quality control on these units. It’s also hard to establish whether these are illegally ripped off or did Arturia sell the design when they stopped making mk1 and who’s bought them are making them under a different name.

So many questions. Any answers?



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    The most likely scenario is that these are an OEM design (Which Arturia would have used too)
    There will be minor differences as specified by the particular supplier (Arturia etc) but the build quality will be exactly the same as they are being manufactured by the same factory.
    It is quite funny in the DJ market right now, Technics stopped making the 1200s series, the market opened up, every single deck on the market right now is based on the super OEM design, with minor differences, the only deck that isn't is the Technics re-issue.

    This is how most manufacturing is done from asia, modifications to a base OEM design;)

  • I often see these things used for almost free, i haven't played one but i doubt that the build quality is very good when I look at the price point..

  • Wow, just found this one. Never seen it before. So they have their own software editor, the question is whether it has all the features like knob acceleration etc. Arturia’s default is super slow on beatstep.

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