Interfaces for virtual midi driven synths accessable through audiobus.

I would love to be able to switch between instruments, effects, output, and then also midi interfaces like Liine Lemur, MIDI Guitar, Genome MIDI sequencer, Brainwave Sequencer, and so on from inside audiobus. Technically I can do this from the home screen but I would like the workflow of being able to do that inside audiobus.


  • I made a very similar request in a different thread.

    The difficulty for the Audiobus development team (and this is only my assumption) will be how much customisation they allow the user with regards to what specifically appears on the Audiobus tab. Some apps such as GlitchBreaks take up a lot of Audiobus real estate and if you start adding midi interface apps to the tab (and I agree we should ideally have that ability) things could fast become very cluttered.

    I think transport controls make a lot of sense on the Audiobus tab (I would love to be able to access these from a midi sequencer such as Genome); but I think for the tab to keep it's uncluttered usability will necessitate some form of customisation by the user (I'd personally love to switch off some of the options GlitchBreaks puts on the Audiobus tab for instance).

    Lots of stuff for Sebastian & Michael to consider I would have thought. Adding options such as this might in the long run complicate workflow for the majority of users.

    I'm all for providing deeper functionality within Audiobus but maybe via an expert or pro mode - and if this necessitates an in app purchase I think it would fair as long as the price reflected the value of the extra functionality. That way a straightforward, simple to use version of Audiobus could remain the standard version for the majority of casual users but those of us that desire deeper functionality could access it too.


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    I think at some point it might be cool to see multiple tabs. Perhaps one tab for transport controls along the bottom. One tab for active applications along the right. One tab for midi controls along the top. (Im envisioning this in landscape, but perhaps they would switch with portrait so that midi and transport functions stick to the longest edges of the screen...)

    I dunno, just brainstorming. But I agree that an reasonable IAP would not seem too far of a reach on the part of the devs.

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