Midi Guitar 2, Zivix Jamstik What Do You Use For Portable Electric Guitar Playing?

Hey guys, calling all Electric Guitar Players!
I own a Tele and Strat, but have found that the only time I have for laying down guitar tracks is on the road. What do you guys recommend for portability, but that works. Thanks for your great advice.


  • Ukulele. But be warned. You may stop playing guitar..

  • AnyGig. But the Artiphon is very good.

  • Was looking at Anygig but how is the tuning? Does it get out of tune a lot?

    @Masanga said:
    AnyGig. But the Artiphon is very good.

  • Do you need a guitar substitute, or can you bring a guitar with you?

  • Substitute but I’m having second thoughts now that GeoShred hs finally clicked with my brain. :D

  • Hi

    I have a jamstik blue tooth. It’s the most portable MIDI guitat option. It works well but the 4 usable frets means it’s open chords pretty much. You can transpose in software ... but it’s limiting. For playing synth sounds it’s a blast . Latency over Bluetooth can be an issue for strumming, though connecting via a USB cable remedies that. But it will excersise you fingers!

    I also tried a V 1 You Rock Guitar, which has a full neck , but uses touch to translate fingering on the frets. Again, it works mostly. The neck unplugs for portability. It has some built in sounds ... and USB MIDI Out. The V2 looks to be improved in many respects.

    I’ve tried many MIDI guitar controllers from very expensive to quite cheap. None play like a guitar... you will have to adapt. The expensive ones aren’t worth in IMO.

    In the end if I’m traveling and I want to play for a while I use Guitarism alongside GeoShred (mixing them in AB is awesome) and maybe an amp sim. It’s simpler....

  • The yourock guitar isn't bad.

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    @MusicMan4Christ said:
    Was looking at Anygig but how is the tuning? Does it get out of tune a lot?

    Not in my experience; you stick the loop of your (regular) strap round the peg of the D string, and it just sits on the screw part without exerting any torque on the peg itself. I have the nylon-string version and mostly play fingerstyle, but it balances surprisingly well (with a strap; you can't just rest it) and sounds good enough to play acoustic if you don't need or want anyone else to hear it. Comes with case (you can fit an Artiphon in there with it!) but no strap. It plays nicely with MIDI Guitar 2.

    I have both YouRock (Gen2 is a big improvement on Gen1) and both Jamstik models; they're all good for tapping, but I find the fake strings on the YouRock offputting, and the Jamstik very difficult to hold, the strings unresponsive, and the restriction to five frets very limiting. The Artiphon is a sensationally good tap controller, is MPE compliant and staggeringly customisable, fits into a standard airline cabin bag (which the AnyGig doesn't), and does an idiosyncratic but playable kind of string bending, but it's 12 frets to the AnyGig's 24, the weird rubber triggers aren't going to be for everyone, and it's not really suited to playing with a pick or nails.

  • If you want a real guitar and not a midi controller, krappyguitars.com. Kevin makes some awesome, quirky stuff, including travel guitars, plus he's an incredible Chapman stick player. I have a 34" scale electric upright bass that he made me and it is great and will not break your wallet.

    Oh, and he is hilarious, as evidenced by his website. We grew up in the same town, although he is 10 years older than me, but now he lives in North Carolina. You'll be happy you checked out his site. He is downplaying what he makes, they are very nice instruments.

  • Thanks guys for all the ideas.

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