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Visiting girl world



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    @MikeyP said:

    @oat_phipps said:

    @MikeyP said:
    New single from Halestorm.

    Lzzy has the best female rock voice ever. Fight me :)

    Too throaty, not raspy/airy enough to hold that title. Let's tussle

    Who would you counter with?

    Thats a good question, ill have to think on it for a few mins

  • This will haunt you.

    Lhasa (de Sela): "Soon this place will be too small"

  • Imogen Heap. Just her and her looper (non-iOS), live.

  • Imogen and Jeff Beck. (Damn, he remains amazing. All those sounds, and no pick needed.)

  • Maria Franz and Heilung:

  • Maria and Heilung again:

  • Angel Olsen: Special

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    Lucette Bourdin: with her album Golden Sun as a shining example... ~ the beginning of the track He Will Find still affects me greatly.

    There's a wonderful post on Bourdin's music here:

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  • Maybe this topic should be re titled 'Day release from boy world'.

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    Love that Broadcast song @Dawdles

    First heard this one watching True Detective and it still gives me goosebumps!

  • I just saw the Indigo Girls and it was pretty good. I don’t normally listen to their albums, but they were fantastic live and all female. I’m a drummer and keyboard player and they had neither of those things, but the girl they had on violin was phenomenal and there were 3 part harmonies, which is always good.

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