Arturia Beatstep Pro for sale

Selling my BSP due to lack of use. Fab condition, boxed with all cables and adapters and updated to latest firmware. Looking for around £140. collection welcome from Oxon UK or postage at cost. thx


  • I wish you were in India. Would grab it in a heartbeat. I'm curious. Did you actually use it with the 2.0 firmware ? Those new features made me use it a lot more than I did before...

  • I updated it almost as soon as 2.0 came out but I must admit hardly used it since (hence the sale). I bought it initially to sequence 3 Volcas, but only really used it as controller for iSpark. The thing I'll miss the most is the Looper/Roller for beat repeats. It's really effective!

  • Was there an issue using the BSP with the volcas ?

  • No not at all, I just have so much gear it wasn’t getting used (and I have embezzled a few hundred quid from my joint account to buy Maschine Mk3). My only annoyance using it with the Volca was that BSP is mono, so I couldn’t do chords and stabs with Volca Keys.

  • Oh coolness, cause I'm trying to get one for some volca fun myself also i in San Diego otherwise I'd buy yours but it seems like you live far away .

  • Yes I'm in the UK unfortunately so can be a bit of a lottery with import taxes etc. I got caught out buying a set of Hi-Hats from the US, which turned out to be more expensive than I was expecting!

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