Would you like to support the Audiobus team?

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Hello everybody,

If you'd like to support what we're doing, here are a few ways to do that:

Avoid Drama on the Audiobus forum

Do not get baited into participating in discussions of political nature. This forum is not Facebook. it's not a political platform. It exists for the friendly exchange about music app topics between users and developers. The moderators will delete inflammatory content and/or ban the users creating it. Please be part of the solution and flag content that is inappropriate with a clear explanation why it is.

Rate Audiobus

Developers rely on good reviews for their apps because it's the one thing that new users look at to determine if an app is worth their time (and money). So please consider leaving a positive review or just a good rating for Audiobus on the App Store.

Tell your friends about Audiobus

Tell your friends about Audiobus (and Audiobus compatible apps). Word of mouth is the best way to get the word out about new apps and technologies. If you like Audiobus, take a few minutes and explain to your musician friends why it might be a cool thing to use in their next gig.

Buy other apps made by the Audiobus team

Audiobus isn't our first app. We've also made Loopy HD and SoundPrism Pro before we launched Audiobus. Of course both of them are fully compatible with Audiobus.

Download Loopy HD on the App Store

Download SoundPrism Pro on the App Store

Loopy HD is an excellent looper and you should definitely check out how it's used in this video:

SoundPrism Pro is a MIDI controller which can also be used as a stand-alone instrument. There's more than one video showing it in action but this one is pretty nice:

Check out our hardware recommendations

We've made a list of gear we know works nicely for mobile musicians. If you buy any of it through our links we get a little bit back from Amazon.


Last but not least (thank you @syrupcore): If you'd like to wear an Audiobus themed t-shirt to your next gig, you can grab some here.

Thank you,

The Audiobus Team



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    Don't forget http://audiobus.spreadshirt.com/ !

    Really great Soundprism video. Wonderful to watch someone play the hell out of it, including changing the note ranges to great musical effect.

  • Check, check, check, and check.

  • Thank you guys! :)

  • Just gave a positive review and a 5-star rating in Swedish app store.

  • Gave a (wel deserved) 5 star review in the Dutch store with some nice text.

  • +1 with what @funjunkie27 said! DONE! :-)

  • Five Stars plus a review and have the apps. You might want to mention the forums and support in your App Store description as too many newbies seem to run into problems, give up, and then write crap reviews before they really even know how to work the app.

  • +5*
    With nice Words in German App Store......

    i put 2 Shirts in the cart, ............but 13,99€ for 2 T-Shirts Shipping to germany.....sry, nope....

  • I just purchased both apps loopy hd and sound prism....wow...awsesome

  • Just occurred to me that I have never left a review. Done now in Aus store.

  • I left a glowing review myself, but when does it show up? I scrolled down the Reviews page after submitting but never saw it...?

  • Takes a day or two.

  • It seems like Apple may be indifferent to reviews: It's been a few days now & my review has yet to show up. If anything, it seems as if there are LESS reviews than when I posted mine. Just sayin'...

  • Anyway, thanks a lot for leaving a review!

  • Review of AB2 done, and i have all your apps. Thank you!!! :)

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    Also just reviewed german store against those complaints about the IAP bug. Thats no reason to make a 1 star rating.

    Unbelievable, still not online my post. What are they doing there all day long?

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    Sure thats the minimum I can do ;-) Also clicked all those 1 star ratings as not helpful and the good ones as helpful :-) Not sure if this has any effect though.

  • @helmutmaria said:

    Also clicked all those 1 star ratings as not helpful and the good ones as helpful :-)

    Good idea!

  • @helmutmaria said:

    Sure thats the minimum I can do ;-) Also clicked all those 1 star ratings as not helpful and the good ones as helpful :-) Not sure if this has any effect though.

    Indeed that is a very good idea!

  • @helmutmaria said:

    Sure thats the minimum I can do ;-) Also clicked all those 1 star ratings as not helpful and the good ones as helpful :-) Not sure if this has any effect though.

    It has a huge effect on display order of the reviews :)

  • Great and nice forum.

  • @sebastian, need the new logo tee now!

  • Hopefully buying only Audiobus-compatible apps is one way to kick off my utmost appreciation!

  • @sebastian Maybe add a note about buying other compatible apps either through the app, forum or the website?

  • Well, we just gave Audiobus 2 one of our Sonic Joy 2014 awards, I hope that helps a bit :-)


  • Hi guys!
    Sorry to put here but I can't find the thread of suggestions.
    Could be possible to link the "Most recent" of any thread to the most recent comment?
    Maybe you don't want this to people read all the thread, in this case I said nothing.
    Arrg very frustrated because of my English...hope you can understand me.

  • About a year (maybe 2) ago I started my OCD affair with MIDI.
    I picked up a MIDI keyboard (I'm a guitarist), about a million VSTs, a dozen DAWs, every tool under the sun I thought, 'hmm that might come in handy'... then my adventures in Digital Sound Design got parked - my inferior iOS (7 at the time) was incompatible with my CameraConnectorKit, and almost all my demo apps (mobile synth / fx stuff) had the audiobus / interAppAudio / coreAudio (is there a diff?) disabled...

    Now it's 2015, and I've just discovered audiob.us. On iOS9+ audioBus is working amazingly, pure digital voodoo... in short, the game is back ON!!

    I've spent today mainly drooling over the audiobus apps (hello vocoder boys:). I tried a couple that were labelled NOTSUPPORTED on iOS8, and was pleasantly surprised when I opened the apps and they DIDN't crash.

    Do you have any medium for user testing / bug reporting / fix / update info?

    Q #2!! Re fx, specifically interAppAudio / coreAudio (if that's what it's called and there's a diff) / audioBus, is there anything anywhere (that anyone knows of) that reverses a sample?

    I'm imagining a mic-input-app wired via audioBus through the FX, with a sample/buffer size setting, outputting to a 'DAW' (any consensus on THE BEST? I was a big fan of the Hokusai app, being free and supporting audioCopy, but now it's the future and all aboard the audioBus!)

    Recommendations on YT channels / forum communities for various enquiries welcome :)

  • I`ve got 2 audiobus T-shirts now.
    One just wasn't enough.

  • @lala said:
    I`ve got 2 audiobus T-shirts now.
    One just wasn't enough.


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