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Mega stuttering while tracking: iSEM --> Auria using AB on an iPad 4

Is this just a hardware/software/processing limitation?


iSEM running into Auria to record a track. Auria is also playing a track, for a total of two tracks, both playback, one tracking. Cleared RAM, launch AB first, nothing else in background.

Testing the sound works fine in both apps. Looks good on the fader. As soon as I press record all turns to shiitake and I get my own version of glitch breaks, but not as exciting.

I've had problems like this with other various scenarios all along the whole audiobus journey, where stuttering just takes over and it is a huge buzzkill. Now running an iPad 4, 16gb with an apogee duet and lightning connector.

Longtime user, longtime lurker, finally coming out. Let me know what you got gents, please. I may have replies.



  • It is possible that it could be a hardware/software/processing limitation. One thing that you mentioned that makes me think this, is that everything seems to be fine until you press record. You may be processing everything well enough, but then the added processing needed to record may be pushing it over the edge.

    ....however, you DID mention that you are using an iPad 4......Hmmm.....

    You are using a 16GB device. How much free space do you have? I know for a fact that Cubasis needs 3GB just for processing and rendering. Could you be tight on storage space?

    Auria has a CPU/RAM indicator. What is it reporting before you record and everything is working fine? What is it reporting when you start recording?

    Also, what is your latency set at in Auria and iSEM?

    Auria is a beast when it comes to resource usage, but you are using an iPad 4, so I'm more apt to think that CPU is not your limitation. Also, iSEM supposedly works even with an iPad 1, so I don't think it's the app.

    I'm really curious to know how much free storage space you have and what Auria reports regarding your CPU/RAM.....

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    Try setting the record buffer in Auria to 512 (menu-settings-record tab), and make sure you open Auria before any other synth/audio app (or Audiobus then Auria if you're using Audiobus).

  • I did the same thing, iPad 3 16gb iOS 7.02 but no hardware interface.
    It started ok and after a couple of recording the shuttering started.
    I closed and reopened both iSEM and Auria (opened from AB) and the problems went away.

    I know it's a stupid solution but I was able to record 9 tracks this way.

    I let AB set the latency and set Auria to AB mode.
    I also synced midi between them where Auria was the master (for the arpeggiator).

    You sould probably try without the interface.

  • Thank you all.

    I am running low on memory indeed. Certainly under 3 gb. Time for more storage, yes.

    The CPU indicator was not going haywire or overboard.

    I have changed the buffer size in both Auria and AB to 512 and opened Auria first (before AB, even though I recall being informed to always open AB first, right Sebastian?). And this appears to have made the difference. Thanks ChrisG.

    The interface does introduce problems. Latency is in and out, which never happens when I use the CCK and lightning adapter. If only I hadn't left my CCK on the plane in September :-/

    This has been helpful, thanks all.

    Now what's is the scoop on Filtatron, dammit!

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