Roland Aerophone AE-10 (midi) and Loopy HD

Hello !
I am very new with electronic music… so I really need some technical advice!
I am a acoustic sax player, but have just bought a Roland Aerophone AE-10, which is a « digital wind instrument », with both MIDI (usb) and analogic (jack 6.35mm stereo) outputs.
I would like to use my aerophone with the loopy HD app, if possible using the MIDI output of my aerophone (both for lossless sound and for controlling the app directly from the aerophone). I have ordered the apple «camera connection kit» to connect the MIDI usb output on the lightning connector of my iPod touch 6 (and I should receive it it the very next days).

What apps do I have to use, and how to set them up so the MIDI signal will be treated by loopy HD ?

Thank you in advance !


  • Midi makes no sound so no luck and loopy doesn’t treat midi. You could record midi into a sequencer(cubasis, Auria Pro) AND sound out into loopy.

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    Thank you for your answer.

    Just to be sure I understand correctly: the sequencer is something (software or hardware) that will convert a numerical signal (MIDI) into an audio signal?
    Also, does these sequencers apps (cubasis, Auria Pro) supports the MIDI breath control?
    If a sequencer app sound out into loopy, will it be « real time » conversion, will I have latency or will it need «post-production»?

  • What is the end goal? Live, one man band style performances? Or studio, creating songs track by track with backing instruments and layers? Loopy HD is made for live performance, so I’m assuming that’s your goal. You can get there two ways:
    First way is to loop your MIDI data. A sequencer can receive the notes and loop them. Then the notes will need to be sent to a sound generator (converting MIDI to audio), either inside that app or some other synth or sound generator. Loopy would not be needed in this setup.

    Second way is to send the midi notes to a sound generating app. This app would then send audio to Loopy HD to record and loop. The audio routing would have to be set up in Audiobus, which allows iOS audio to be shared between compatible apps in real-time. A MIDI sequencer wouldn’t be needed in this setup

    Either way you should be able to set things up so there isn’t any latency. As notes are played on your sax, they will produce sound through the iPad immediately. You’ll just need to do some research in choosing apps that will work well with breath control.

    The CCK will do exactly what you need, providing the interface to receive MIDI notes from sax to the iPad.

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    Thank you Hmtx !

    I am not a professional musician… I am only studying saxophone since a few years, and I bought the aerophone mainly for practice purpose (quiet training with headsets, easily transportable…). But my teacher told me that it was a brand new instrument, so I could experiment stuff. And he told me about loopers, that it should be a pleasant exercise to solve my rhythm problems… :p So the «end goal» is entertainment, and practice purpose.

    Could you explain me briefly the difference between DAW, sequencer, synth and sound generator?
    Do you know any simple sound generator app, supporting breath control and compatible with audiobus?

  • Take a look at Thumbjam or Gadget. Either one can be used to build a track that you can practice with. No other apps needed to start out.

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